What is a gif?

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a GIF speaks – well, probably a bit more than a thousand. A thousand and two, at least.

If you’re a Tumblr user (check out the Tots100’s guide to Tumblr for beginners if you’re not!) then you’ll be familiar with GIFs – animated images that are used to express a quick thought or capture a memorable moment. They’re ALL over the Internet. Approximately 50% of GIFs feature cats. Or people falling over. Like this one, which is never NOT funny to me:


I know from perusing Instagram that most of you spent this weekend in the great outdoors, doing lovely educational, life-affirming things with your children.


I spent most of the weekend in bed, messing about on the Internet and finding stuff that made me laugh. But you don’t need to worry that you missed out. Because as well as sharing with you the amazing discovery that is Mansions and Fine Art for Dogs*, I have decided to share with you my other discovery of the weekend – GIFs that remind me of parent blogging…

GIFS for Parenting Bloggers


When someone leaves a mean comment on my blog


When someone famous Tweets me


Oh, you unfollowed me on Twitter accidentally?

bitch please

When I successfully make my own blog header


Of course I don’t mind when you blog about the same thing as me.


A PR just told me they really love my blog.


How I feel when there’s no WiFi at a blogging event.


When a PR invites me to an event that’s not in London. passout

You found a typo on my blog? Well done, you. sarcasticclap

When a PR sends a press release about chocolate… and no chocolate.