is it safe to send kids back to school?

3 things your kids need to know about hand sanitiser is a sponsored post.

Sending our children off to school in 2019 was so relaxing, in hindsight.

“Have you got your PE kit and your books?” was about the limit of what I needed to worry about.

Fast forward to 2020 and it’s essential that our kids go off to school with a mask, plus a spare mask for when they lose the first mask. A plastic bag to keep the mask in when they’re not wearing it. Antiseptic hand and surface wipes. And of course the ubiquitous bottle of hand sanitiser.

We keep a basket by our front door that is stocked with masks, wipes and sanitiser bottles, so that (hopefully) Flea can pick what she needs as she leaves the house each morning. It’s a lot!

Of course, giving your child a bottle of sanitiser is only half the battle. You also need to feel confident they will use the product frequently and properly throughout the school day.

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With that in mind, here are three things your kids need to know about hand sanitiser: 

  • They don’t need to be alcohol-based 

Like most people, I expect, we’ve been using an alcohol-based hand sanitiser since the advice is that sanitisers need alcohol to be effective against germs. Those of us who suffer from skin allergies or conditions such as dermatitis can find alcohol-based products quite painful and many people find they can leave their hands feeling dry and frazzled.

It turns out you can get hand sanitiser that is proven to be just as effective as alcohol-based sanitisers, but without alcohol in them. This week, we’ve made the switch to Steril-eeze, which is an alcohol-free hand sanitiser that is just as effective at killing germs and viruses as a regular, alcohol-based product. It’s portable, scent-free (hurrah!) and dries really quickly.

If you’re interested in the science click here to find out about the evidence showing that Steril-eeze kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, making it just as effective as alcohol-based products. This is thanks to the product’s active ingredient, Hypochlorous Acid. HOCl is a weak acid that is one of nature’s most effective biocides. HOCl is scientifically proven to be effective against most viruses, bacteria and fungi and is widely used in healthcare settings.

  • Most people don’t use enough 

The challenge with hand sanitiser is often that we don’t use enough of it. The alcohol in many sanitisers dries out quickly once it’s exposed to the air, meaning we don’t give ourselves enough time to fully cleanse our hands. The experts advise that you should use about a 50 pence piece worth of sanitiser, and it should be enough to cover your whole hands and it doesn’t hurt to get a little under your nails.

Practice showing your kids how much they need, and explain the importance of it covering your WHOLE hand, not just your palm! Steril-eeze makes this process pretty easy because it’s a quick-drying spray. This makes it easier for children to make sure they cover ALL the important parts of their hands.

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  • It’s not enough by itself 

Hand sanitiser will protect you from getting a virus or bug on your hands and transferring it to your face. But it’s not enough. Remind kids that they still need to wash their hands with soap and water throughout the day, and wear a mask when directed to by teachers. One handy thing about Steril-eeze is that Flea can also spritz surfaces with it as needed – making it perfect for cleaning door handles and switches, or the desk when she sits down.

I often think it must be a scary time being in school right now. But if we can help arm our kids with healthy routines then it goes some way towards helping them feel a little more in control of their safety.


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[I was provided with free samples for the purposes of this review]