The Flea Files, Part II

When we first launched Who’s the Mummy last year, I interviewed Flea about all the things I thought our blog readers might want to know about us. But Flea was three then. Now she’s four and in BIG SCHOOL. She’s a whole different person. So we re-did the interview (inspired… View Post

The Best Fifty Quid I Ever Spent

When Flea was about six weeks old, I  spent an evening in a draughty church hall in Brighton, with 11 other new parents and a registered nurse. Over a period of three hours, we were taught the basics of paediatric emergency first aid – what to do if your baby… View Post

New voices in my head.

I used to have a voice inside my head. She used to tell me that I wasn’t good enough – yet. One more set of exams, one more rung on the career ladder, one more friend, a marriage certificate, a perfectly hung set of curtains on a Victorian bay window… View Post

So, basically, I’m pathetic.

At the moment, one of the greatest weapons in my parenting arsenal is the “no school” threat. Flea loves school so much that if she’s dawdling getting dressed or refusing to brush her teeth, all I have to say is, “Fine, we won’t go to school”. So it was a… View Post

PostRank for the rest of us.

Mel, the very helpful community manager at PostRank has pulled together all the Tots100 feeds into a list, which I linked to today on Twitter. Following LOTS of questions about what this list is, why people are higher or lower or where they expect to be, and that sort of… View Post