How to make a child cry in under 30 seconds

"Flea, have you chosen a bedtime story?" I asked my darling daughter this evening. "Yes, but I don't know quite which one to have, let me see…" I start flicking through the bookshelf. "Okay, there's Stick Man, Mr Brown Can Moo, Harry and his Bucketful of dinosaurs…" I look up.… View Post

The Tots100 Primer

Every time I post the monthly Tots100 index, someone will ask me to explain how it works. So before we post the December index next week, I thought I’d explain in non-techie terms how this works. If there’s still anything you don’t understand, then do leave a Q in the… View Post

Vital statistics: why so shy?

One of my day jobs is working with PR agencies, training PRs  in how to pitch their clients to the media. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of work with agencies on how to identify, evaluate and work with bloggers across various sectors. A constant challenge for PR execs is… View Post