Things I’ve Learned About Blogging

So it turns out my blog is five years old this month. I know! Five years ago I was blogging about tiny Flea and how we muddled through every day, and I’m still here doing the same thing, except Flea keeps getting less and less tiny. I’m not sure I’ll… View Post

Tips for PRs Working with Bloggers

Blogger outreach and social media is my job. I’d like to pretend it’s all very clever and complicated, but 90% of what I do is just common sense – it’s introducing companies with something to say to people who might like to talk about that thing on social media. There’s… View Post

Dear School, I hate you. Love, Me.

I’ve been full of good intentions this week. After a month of borderline neglect of my child due to Big Work Stuff happening, I have dedicated myself to the art of of better parenting. I’ve cooked dinner more often than I’ve ordered it in, and we’re making an extra effort… View Post

We’re gonna need another supermarket.

I had to stop shopping at our local supermarket when Flea earnestly told one of the check-out staff that “My Mummy says if you don’t have any clean clothes you can just take something out of the laundry basket.” There was also a teeny, tiny, hardly-worth-mentioning incident involving a digital… View Post