You’re Beautiful.

In my eyes, Flea is beautiful. She has eyes that sparkle when she finds something funny, which is roughly every ten seconds. She has hair that’s a thousand different shades of blonde, with a fringe bleached by days in the sun. She’s getting taller and stronger every day, but still… View Post

Do we invade our children’s privacy too much?

As parents and writers, we are raising the first generation of people who could see their entire lives recorded online. With the rise of Facebook, parent blogs, Twitter and a thousand other websites, our children’s lives are mapped online virtually from the moment of conception, in some cases. There’s the… View Post

Why I’m over Candy Crush

Apparently, Candy Crush is the most popular game on Facebook, with 9.7m people playing the game each day. I’m not surprised – I keep seeing mentions among bloggers of the game, and every time I log into Facebook, I’m accosted by half a dozen updates from friends who are inviting… View Post

Why not say it with a GIF?

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a GIF speaks – well, probably a bit more than a thousand. A thousand and two, at least. If you’re a Tumblr user (check out the Tots100’sĀ guide to Tumblr for beginners if you’re not!) then you’ll be familiar with GIFs – animated… View Post