U..G…L..Y… you ain’t got no alibi…

So unless you were under a rock this week you’ll have caught the furore around a tabloid feature where a woman wrote about her experiences of being judged by other women for being beautiful. It was a silly article – commissioned by a newspaper with a long, proud heritage of… View Post

Will you be buying petrol tomorrow?

I tend to steer clear of politics on my blog. It’s not as though I’m a massively political person. Yes, I was a member of the Socialist Worker Student Society during university, but if I’m honest, I think I just had a crush on the SWSS leader, after I watched… View Post

Should children watch sad movies?

Do you let your children watch sad films? It occurred to me, as I was enjoying a moment of high culture last night, and watching Terminator 3, that films where nobody dies are significantly less fun, somehow. Honestly, who wants to see Arnie blow up a car filled with people… View Post

Is it better to be right, or happy?

The doctor recently diagnosed me with a serious case of Right-itis. He claims that I have a complete need to be right in any given situation. Nonsense. Anyone who’s met me will know I’m not even slightly competitive or argumentative. Cough. I jest, but lately I’ve been pondering this need… View Post