Is it better to be right, or happy?

The doctor recently diagnosed me with a serious case of Right-itis. He claims that I have a complete need to be right in any given situation. Nonsense. Anyone who’s met me will know I’m not even slightly competitive or argumentative. Cough. I jest, but lately I’ve been pondering this need… View Post

What NOT to call your child…

Now, I’m not one to be judgmental, but… Actually that’s a complete lie. I’m massively judgmental. I’ve written about my feelings about X-Factor fans, and you don’t want to know what I said this week when I noticed once of our neighbours has treated himself to a personalised number plate… View Post

My top Five Amazing PR Offers.

  In my spare time (insert hollow laugh here) when I’m not working with Mum bloggers or running blogging awards, I attempt to run a forum for bloggers, where we share tips and ideas, and argue about who gets to marry Bear Grylls when we go to that PR event… View Post

Girls on Film

Flea wishes she was a boy. If I’m honest, I have mixed feelings about this. It’s not that I have reservations about tomboys, or concerns that Flea isn’t a “proper” girl. But I know the reason she wants to be a boy is that she thinks they have more fun.… View Post

7 Things I Hate About You…*

Well, it's my first meme here at Who's the Mummy, courtesy of Emily over at  Maternal Tales, who understands that I left my heart in Brighton. I have to list seven of my personality traits, and then pass on the meme to seven other blogs. So, here goes: Inappropriate. I… View Post