I’m Not a People Person.

“I’m not a good people person.”  I don’t know why I say that, or when I picked it up. But it’s something I’ve always accepted about myself as true. I have brown hair, I have blue eyes, I’m terrible with people. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the things we tell… View Post

Get on your Bike this Autumn

Anyone else feeling like they come back to earth with a bump in September? It feels like almost overnight, you have to switch gears. Gone are long days with time to waste, beaches and sunshine and hours to spend with the people you love. Now it’s early mornings, hectic schedules,… View Post

The One with a New Office

Having an office has been a real life saver for me. When you work from home, it’s ridiculously easy to just – keep working. Particularly if Flea is away, I can find that I sit at my desk at 9am, and I’m still there 12 hours later. And the dog… View Post

Why John Lewis is My Retail Hero

Did you see the news that John Lewis is removing the gender-specific labels from its kids’ clothing ranges? Hurrah. About time.  Back in 2010, Flea was five years old. Like lots of five year olds, she loved monkeys, monsters and dinosaurs. Her favourite colours were red, blue and green. And… View Post

Single Parent: Social Pariah

Whoop! It’s the summer holidays. Well, in our house at least. We’re off on hols soon, but first Flea’s spending a week with her Dad. I’m sure she’ll have a blast, but it’s always a bit odd finding myself in the house without my small companion. Today, though, I’ve been… View Post