The return of the Travel Gremlins.

I used to have famously bad luck while travelling. During my 20s, I was run over, left on borders, hospitalised, had vehicles impounded, was robbed at knifepoint, and once even caught a train to entirely the wrong country. Basically, you name a travel disaster, I’ve had it. But friends, that’s… View Post

The Very Best Thing about Summer Holidays…

There are lots of lovely things about going on holiday. For starters, there’s the foreign food – we’re in France this week, courtesy of Keycamp, so there’s been beacoup de baguette, brie and red wine. Quite delicious. And there’s weather. We’ve been blessed with hot, sunny weather all week, which… View Post

Things to do in London when you’re five

Cooking with Flea is on my list of things that I should do but never quite manage, along with ‘crafting’ and learning how to do those fancy ponytail things with her hair. So we were delighted to be invited to a Junior Chef weekend at the Royal Garden Hotel in… View Post

Single Parents on Holiday.

We’ve been on holiday this week, staying in Devon.  It’s been brilliant. We’ve been incredibly lucky to have a week of long, sunny days with clear, blue skies and Devon’s beaches are still pretty un-crowded at this time of year. Flea has taken some early surfing lessons, we've ridden horses,… View Post

Israel: It’s a kind of magic

Ten days ago I flew to Israel, as a guest of the non-political charity Kinetis, which is involved in a project to raise awareness of Israel beyond military issues. I didn’t know what to expect, but had a sneaking suspicion it would involve lots of machine guns and me trying… View Post