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George Formby, toasted sandwiches and a giveaway.

I called my Mum all excited a few days ago to tell her that a PR agency had sent me a George Formby grill.

She laughed for a full two minutes.

So, I know now that it’s actually a George Forman grill (Formby was the guy with the ukelele), and it’s been sent to me so I can try out some recipes and tell you all about National Get Grilling Week.

Actually, I was pretty pleased to get involved because it’s actually been three years since I last grilled anything. That’s when I moved into my house, realised the grill on my oven was broken, and promptly forgot about it.

So, we’ve been trying out our George Forman grill and  – you know – it’s pretty good. You can cook pretty much any food from fresh or frozen, it’s fast because it cooks both sides of the food at once, and it seems to be pretty good for things like fish, chicken and steak. We haven’t done anything too sophisticated as our grill arrived 48 hours before we headed off on holiday, but there is an impressive-looking recipe book that comes with the grill.

Apparently the George Forman grill is also energy efficient and healthy because the fat drips into a little tray during cooking, but the food doesn’t dry out, and the machine pretty much wipes clean after use. It’s fairly big, though, and doesn’t exactly slot into any of our cupboards, so at the moment it lives in our electric oven, which I never use, but which I also worry is an electrical disaster just waiting to happen.

But here’s the best thing about the George Forman grill – it makes the best toasted sandwiches EVER. Now, there’s an art to a good toastie and while I love a Breville as much as the next girl, you and I both know that conventional toasted sandwich makers require you to squash and crimp the edges of the bread, which burn, while the inside of your sandwich gets as hot as molten lava. Not on the George Forman. PERFECT ham and cheese toasties, every time. For that alone, it gets my vote.

If you’d like to win a George Forman Removable Family Plates grill and make your own toasties (or, you know, proper food if that's what lights your fire) then I have been given one to give away to one of you lucky people. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling me the perfect toastie filling, and I’ll choose a winner at random on May 30th. UK residents only, no cash alternative, prize will be supplied direct from the manufacturer. 


Disclosure: I was given a George Formby Foreman grill to keep for the purposes of this review. 


Sally is a full-time blogger and founder of the Tots100, Trips100, Foodies100 and HIBS100 communities, along with the MAD Blog Awards. She spends a bit too much time on the Internet. She's also a very happy Mum to Flea, the world's coolest ten year old.

About The Author


Sally is a full-time blogger and founder of the Tots100, Trips100, Foodies100 and HIBS100 communities, along with the MAD Blog Awards. She spends a bit too much time on the Internet. She's also a very happy Mum to Flea, the world's coolest ten year old.


  1. Caro_mad

    We love cheese, red or spring onions and some crispy bacon with tomato sauce

  2. Jen

    Bolognese toasties are amazing!

  3. Michelle Cooper

    I love tuna and onion, with mayo to dip on the side 🙂 x

  4. Sharronannb

    Cheese and chilli toasties are fab, although very very messy!

  5. northernmum

    Cheese and beans everytime. Has to be HeinZ beans though

  6. etali

    Tuna, sweetcorn, a bit of onion, and a bit of cheese! Probably not a proper recipe, but I love it 🙂

  7. Rachieg1984-comp

    You absolutely cannot beat cheddar, mozzerella and bacon toasties – yum!

  8. Karis Boone

    Tuna mayo and sweetcorn yum

  9. Kate Pollard

    The best toastie I have made is chicken, pesto and mozzerella… really fresh flavour!
    I also love a christmas toastie – turkey, bacon, mozzerella and cranberry!
    We all love toasties in our house!

  10. Linda Williams

    For something different, try peanut butter and banana toasties. Only of course if you’re not allergic!

  11. Glenn Hutton

    Stilton, Parma ham & sweet pickle! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  12. heather gutowski

    Cheese and tomato – quite traditional, but very tasty.

  13. Nicola

    chocolate spread, marshmallows and fudge!

  14. Tracy Nixon

    Cheddar, bacon and tomato!!!! Yummy!!!!! Have shared on FaceBook and tweeted too!!! I am a fan on FaceBook and following you on Twitter @TracyNixon xxx
    Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

  15. Charlotte Mountford

    The perfect toastie filling is mature cheddar cheese, red onion and a splash of worcester sauce…every time! 🙂

  16. ashleigh

    mozzerella, sundried tomatoes and pesto!
    great giveaway!


    Cheese, mushroom and onion 🙂 yum

  18. ayako

    cheese, onion,tomato’e for me.

  19. Cathryn Smethurst

    My favorite has to be cheese beans and hp sauce. Yum yum


    My fave toastie has to be simply cheese and onion, you cant beat it!

  21. marcus

    cheese ham

  22. Steph

    cheese corned beef and red onion everytime

  23. Tom Hayhust

    Marshmallow and Nutella!

  24. liz denial

    Cheese, onion, mushroom & tomato ketchup

  25. Lorraine Partyn

    Ham and Cheese toasties

  26. Mandy Twumasi

    Mmmm my favourite…Crispy smoked bacon, barbecue sauce topped with grated cheddar cheese.

  27. Darren Cousins

    Bacon and Cheese 🙂


    cheese and ham layered 3 or 4 times then toasted, love it

  29. sarah williams

    Cheese, tomatoes and a small amount of black pepper.

  30. Bencooke999

    cheese cheese and more cheese mmmm

  31. Trish

    Ham, cheese and Branston pickle x

  32. Marylin

    Ohhh I miss my foreman grill! Ended up forgetting it when I moved away from the ex. One of the biggest regrets of that end of relationship! 😉
    They’re great for having a BBQ without actually *having* to do the cooking outside. Which is handy, when you live in Scotland and it pisses down at the drop of a hat! >_<

  33. Rachel Murray

    The PERFECT toastie has to be our all time favourite of Turkey and Brie Cheese. If you want to sauce it up a bit you can add cranbury sauce.
    If you don’t like turkey, then use chicken.
    It’s lovely!!!!

  34. Aiden Jones

    Blue cheese and bacon. Yum yum!

  35. Marina Jones

    sausage and cheddar cheese !!!!!!!

  36. Catherine

    Mashed Potato, cheese and beans 🙂

  37. Hel Jones

    Cheese and salsa dip and some crushed nachos mmmmmm!

  38. EmmaB

    cheese ham and onion

  39. Irina

    chocolate spread and peanut butter.

  40. Georgina Ball

    Tuna mayo, cheddar cheese and paprika

  41. Paul Wilson

    A nice mature cheese on fresh granary bread.

  42. andrew petrie

    cheese ham and mushrooms


    My Ideal filling is Cheese , Bacon and Mushroom with piri piri sauce


    I love a Mars Bar toastie.

  45. oksana

    tomaotes, ham , cheese

  46. Paula

    It Has To Be Cheese & Beans

  47. Anna M

    Plain and simple for me – cheap mild cheddar (the posher brands aren’t the same toasted) with really strong onion. Yum!

  48. nicola

    Cheese, marmite and onion…yum!!

  49. gavin counahan

    A whole egg. mmmm

  50. Kezz-2010

    Cheese and Ham

  51. caroline james

    Just got to be plain cheese nom nom nom


    cheese and red onion yum!

  53. julie west

    Cheese & Baked Bean Toasties… but watch that cheese goes like malton lava

  54. emma cella

    Cheese and quorn ‘chicken fillets’ or cheese and beans
    It’s really tasty 🙂

  55. allison dorrian

    cheese and onion

  56. Stewart Griffiths

    You can’t beat using leftover chicken curry, the spicier the better!

  57. Sarah Ballantyne

    Corned beef and cottage cheese toasties when we are on a budget or Turkey, brie and redcurrant jelly after payday.

  58. Jo Jones

    Mature Cheddar cheese with thinly sliced tomatoes & sliced onion. Mmmmmmmmmmmm

  59. chris burrow


  60. Joey Grey

    cheese and ham for me every time!

  61. Karen Bennett

    Cheese, chorizo, onion & tomato 🙂

  62. Julia Briscoe

    Bacon and tuna

  63. Zoe

    Gotta be cheese and beans, yum yum

  64. Hannah D

    Mozzerella, garlic puree, tomato, and oregano. Nom nom nom.

  65. sarah w

    Mashed potato, cheese and onion – a bit of a carb-fest, but lovely!

  66. Stewart Johnston

    Cheese, bacon, tomato and onions

  67. Julie Henderson

    ham, cheese & pickled onions

  68. lynda sanderson

    I love the fact that you can do healthy food in the grill, try salmon and prwns with a little dressing and salas


    Bakebeans and cheese mmmmmm.

  70. Mad minx

    Cheese, onions and mango chutney – yum

  71. Rebecca

    Tuna mayo and yellow pepper

  72. littleboo21

    A classic chesse and ham for me… yum yum

  73. Tim

    Bacon, cheese and beans, oh yeah!

  74. Helen B

    any strong cheese and marmite

  75. Sarah

    Stilton & mushrooms

  76. Belinda Matthews

    I love Tuna and cheese
    my 3 year old likes cheese, ham and pinapple and you cant forget the ketchup

  77. Anne Marie Canavan

    Chicken, cheese and chilli sauce=YUM!

  78. Valerie Hartley

    Cheese & tomato for me



  80. natalie goatley

    cheese and marmite for me! x

  81. Carol Ash

    Fried egg and onion for me please

  82. DawnC

    It has to be the ‘ol classic for me and that is cheese and baked beans! Yummy yummy!

  83. Sajad Farid

    perfect filling for me is tuna, cheese, peppers and some chillies becasue I like my spice…

  84. David Prince

    Ham Cheese & Pineapple, nice and fruity

  85. Fiona Maclean

    tomato and mozzarella panini with fresh basil;)

  86. Bernie Tyrrell

    Bannana and peanut butter – yummy!!

  87. richard phile

    Mature cheddar cheese with red onions and mayo. (Yum)

  88. Jo McPherson

    Cheddar, spring onion, ham and a bit of stilton, lovely


    Cheese and banana;)

  90. Joanne Alexander

    Our favourite is thick cut ham, mature cheddar, english mustard and sliced tomato. Not very exotic, but really delicious.

  91. tina corder

    Egg and baked beans yum yum

  92. Cheryll h

    Nutella and banana… ooooooo nom nom nom =)

  93. feefeegabor

    Cheese and baked beans is really, really yummy (have to be careful the beans don’t fall out, though!).

  94. Caroline

    Cheddar and sweetcorn – I want one now!

  95. Lyndsey Colgan

    Doritto’s cool salsa and cheese 🙂

  96. Laura

    Don’t mess with the classics – cheese and bean toastie all the way.

  97. claire

    mozzerella, pesto and chargrilled chicken

  98. maggie dunlop

    Banana and Peanut butter

  99. Emma James

    Corned Beef and Cheese every time! with a large dollop of mayo!

  100. mark johnson

    got to be cheese and tomatto

  101. lucy osborne

    has to be either mature cheddar, onion and ham or egg and bacon yummmmy

  102. Anna Emslie

    You can’t beat the classic ham and cheese toastie with some black pepper. Yummy!!!

  103. Gill A

    Ham, cheese and baked beans.

  104. Judy Wright

    Cheese and corned beef 🙂

  105. david sweet

    Cheese, apple and Worcestershire sauce

  106. Tink Lee

    Tuna mayo with cheese and jalapenos, YUM!!

  107. Denice

    Banana and cheese toasties are just brilliant, need to be tried!! 🙂

  108. Foxykat

    I love chicken and cheese on my toasties


    Goats cheese and spinach!!!!! Yummy!


    banana and chocolate spread -delicious

  111. jennifer thorpe

    It has to be ham & cheese, not very exciting but a very tasty classic

  112. claire brown

    gotta be ham and cheese with red or green pesto yum! 🙂

  113. Sarah Laycock

    Bacon, Cheese and Worcester Sauce – hits the spot everytime!

  114. Kate

    Blacksticks blue, red onion, and ham.

  115. sharon hughes

    simple but very effective it has to be cheese and tomato with a sprinkling of salt and pepper and a side of lettuce and coleslaw.

  116. Laura S

    I absolutely love mature cheese, ham and tomatoes (even if I burn my mouth everytime lol).

  117. Jill Webb

    Cheese and chutney

  118. Marzena

    cheese and mushroom 🙂

  119. Shelly

    You can’t beat a good ole cheese toastie

  120. Stuart Underdown

    My favourite is sun-dried tomato, mozzarella and pepperoni. It’s a pizza-toastie.

  121. pamela gossage

    mushroom, cheese and bacon for me

  122. james

    Just baked beens

  123. Zoe Miller

    Beans and cheese – umm… YUMMY!!!

  124. Lisa Hutchinson

    Sausage & beans all the way 🙂

  125. Immortal Beloved

    Banana and peanut butter, had to go sweet, too many savoury options lol

  126. Helen

    Cheese and Branston pickle has to be the best 🙂


    tuna mayo and cheese with a bit of onion cut small!! mmmmmm

  128. AlisonCampbell

    Mozarella, basil, cherry tomato and a splash of balsamic vinegar

  129. Ian Buck

    Brie and roasted peppers.

  130. Alasdair MacInnes

    Easy. Grated cheese and pickle 🙂

  131. Lisa

    Cheese, red onions, ham and baked beans with a touch of worcester sauce. delicious

  132. Katie

    I’m vegan and am in LOVE with tofu with salt and pepper done on a George Foreman…so much win!!


    Cheese, slices of apple with onion chutney

  134. Keith C

    Just Cheese! Mature Cheddar!

  135. Robyn Clarke

    Chicken mayonaise and crispy bacon bits

  136. Dee

    Cheese and Pineapple are lovely



  138. Miss Natalie Wallace

    I would have to say a traditional cheese one is my perfect filling

  139. juliette

    Cheese and black olive is delicious

  140. Lynnecomper

    Simply cheddar and ketchup

  141. Iota

    It’s got to be cheese, ham, sliced tomato, and a dash of Worcestershire sauce.
    (I’m in the UK from Monday till early August, so I think that counts as “resident”, son’t you?)

  142. Iota

    Ham, cheese, sliced tomato and a dash of Worcestershire sauce.
    (Am resident in England over the summer – I think that counts?)

  143. Marta P

    Cheese and Pickle

  144. hayley williams

    tuna cheese and onion!

  145. Paul Green

    My fave toastie has to be simply cheese and onion, you cant beat it!

  146. carrie hobbs

    Cheese and marmite!

  147. Nicole

    Cheese and sliced apple.

  148. Marina wilson

    Bakes beans and cheese mixed.
    .absolutely yummy as a toastie!!

  149. James C

    Spaghetti in tomato sauce, yum

  150. Alice Hindley

    Cheese,Baked beans and sliced hotdogs

  151. Eatshootleave

    It has to be chocolate spread and crunchy peanut butter. The perfect texture and taste.

  152. kim b

    i was reading your title of blog thinking George Formby….!!! lol
    my fav filling is beans cheese with a dash of ketchup mmmmmmm


    Tuna and Mature cheese (I have a small supermarket version of one of these and it’s about all I cook in mine, I must try harder but you’re so right, they do make perfect toasties!)

  154. Mark Wright

    Ham, chicken, Stilton and Mushrooms om nom nom!!!

  155. Lawrence

    Has to be cheese & Branston pickle

  156. christine hutchinson

    Tomato puree, cheese and mixed herbs the kids love them

  157. claire

    ham cheese and pineapple, yum

  158. Kellyroxannesmith1982

    i love cheese, tomato n onion toasties, yum they r tasty x

  159. Fiona

    Tuna, red onion and cheese

  160. Jo Young

    Simple cheese and tomato 🙂

  161. Vanessa Cox

    Cheese and onion

  162. Nikkii

    Everyone knows that curry is the best filing for everything, including my face.

  163. Jenny Price

    Ham Cheese & pineaple is my favourite

  164. Jude

    Cheese, beaqns and curry powder! Yum.

  165. heather walsh

    Cheese, garlic, beans and mushrooms


    It’s got to be cheese !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. Alan Gilbert

    Chicken, Gouda cheese and Reggae Reggae sauce

  168. lesley sanderson

    Ooooh too many to choose from.. I like Cheese and onion, Raspberry Jam, and Peanut butter. Not all at the same time though, that would just be disgusting.

  169. Jay

    I looove toasties, I could liove on ’em! Mostly savoury, but I’m also a sucker for sliced banana with a sprinkle of cinammon – it’s like a pud in bread. Yummy!


    Has to be parma ham, goats cheese and mushrooms

  171. Teresa Lee

    cheese-tomato & bacon with a couple of drops of hot pepper sauce

  172. carol

    Tuna cheese and mayo

  173. lucy carthew

    It has to be good old cheese and ham!! Yum

  174. Dejeniera Pygott

    My favourite toastie filling is brie and cranberry jelly.(also found at @dejanestpas)

  175. iain

    Smoked cheese and bacon with some red onion 😀

  176. TheMadHouse

    Cheese and onion for me

  177. angie sandhu

    Definately mums keema curry in two slices of soft white bread- absolutely delicious!!


    cornedbeef, onions and brow sauce, yummy

  179. Jocelyn Clark

    Ham and mashed up pineapple – yummy

  180. Robin Clark

    Brie and cranberry

  181. Solange

    Cheese, bacon, mayo & chilli sauce



  183. Simon

    Mozzarella, tomato, pesto and basil, with a twist of black pepper

  184. Joel B

    Cheese and ham with tomato ketchup, simple but the best!

  185. Daphne

    Mine and the kids fav is mature cheddar with wiltshire ham and a sprinkling of spring onions. Oooh it’s making me hungry just thinking about it!

  186. Karl Thomas

    peanut butter and tomato

  187. naomi

    tuna and cheese with worcester sauce..yum!!

  188. Christina Curtis

    Cheese and Onion! Mmmmmm..

  189. DENISE

    My daughter loves banana and nutella

  190. Ruth Worthington

    Cheese and Pinapple

  191. Darren Bowden

    Chorizo, Goats Cheese and Jalapeño Peppers

  192. Lucy Taylor

    Cheese n onion – can’t beat it!!!

  193. Cathy

    Cheese, tomato and freshly ground black pepper – delicious!!

  194. Kristin

    Hi! I think the best would be:
    A panini filled with crumbly goats cheese, roasted red peppers and caramelised onion chutney. Griddled on a George Foreman so it’s all nice, toasty hot and melty! Garnished with fresh basil/rocket too.
    Thanks, I hope you like it! 🙂



  196. Sara

    Has to be the good old ham and cheese. My husband makes them the ‘canadian’ way which is to put butter on the outside of the bread rather than the inside and fry in a frying pan so the outside goes sort of crispy. (not sure how many canadians actually make toasties this way as he got this idea from a canadian flatmate when he was at uni)

  197. Jan

    Corned Beef and Baked Beans super yummy!

  198. kerrie

    ham & cheese 🙂

  199. sean

    cheese & tomato yum


    cheese and ham, yum! 🙂

  201. Victoria C

    spaghetti hoops and cheese

  202. Maureen Williams

    Cheese, mayo and shredded beetroot

  203. Rachael Lines

    Cheese and bbq sauce! Fella hates it, i love it, have done since my first born! I craved it alot.

  204. Jonathan Boulding

    The perfect toastie filler is mozarella with a dollop of pesto and some halved cherry tomatoes! It’s an absolute winner, particularly served with some sweet-potato chips!

  205. Norma McGill

    My favourite is still ham,cheese and Branston pickle!!

  206. Clementina

    Grilled chicken 😉 but when I was pregnant, it was sliced tomatoes 🙂

  207. Heather

    EASY! mine is – honey, brown sugar, chopped banana and chocolate drops!


    Cheddar cheese and finely chopped onion 🙂

  209. Rachel Hartwell

    Cheese and beans with HP sauce – every time!!!!

  210. claire willmer

    Ha lol my grill has been broken since we omoved in too nearly six years ago : )
    So would love one.
    My favourite filling has to be tuna and mayo mixed with chopped red onion and then some gorgeous grated mozzerella cheese with some sliced cherry tomatoes its making my mouth water thinking about it.

  211. Stacey Webb

    good old classic cheese n onion!

  212. Cara

    ooooh I love peanut butter and jam in a toastie!! 🙂

  213. Cara

    I Love peanut butter and jam in a toastie!! Yum! 🙂


    cheese a la tomato

  215. Lucysandra

    Has to be Cheese and Tomato, A classic but a fantastic toastie 🙂

  216. Anne MacKenzie

    Red Leicester and Bovril – yummy.

  217. cathy

    cheese and onion

  218. Claire Butler

    Corned beef, a lil grated cheese and some ketchup lush on a cold winters day

  219. Emma

    Cheese & Beans – YUM!

  220. Alison

    Ham, cheese, tomato and black pepper

  221. Max Amos

    Chorizo, tomato and roasted peppers with mozzarella

  222. Trev Harlow

    corn beef onion with a little bit of brown sauce is the perfect filling

  223. Jan


  224. Rudy Roversi

    Sourdough bread, sliced beef steak, mozzarella cheese, sliced black olives, grilled onions and a bit of mustard. Divine.

  225. linda wiles

    ham and cheese

  226. Rory Campion

    Baked bean and Hotdog

  227. ricci Haslam

    Brie and ham. Yummy!

  228. Cathryn bowen

    Cheese n beans every time – no contest

  229. Paul Witney

    Has to be ham and cheese for me.

  230. elaine taylor

    baked beans, grated cheese and bbq sauce

  231. Kimberley Howes

    cheese and tomato


    cheese and brown sauce xx

  233. sian matthews

    You cannot beat good old cheese and onion toastie

  234. Carrie Brimmell

    Tuna and cheese. Nom nom!!

  235. Dan Caldon

    Smokey bacon and brie


    Cheese and spring onion, yum yum

  237. andi

    Bacon, cheese and onion!

  238. Kelly

    It as to be cheese and beans, messy but perfect for adults or kids!

  239. san

    cheese and pickle

  240. Joanne Crosby

    Leek, cheese and mushroom is a really nice toastie 🙂

  241. Sarah Hay

    Mature cheddar and tomato.

  242. Sharon

    Ham & cheese

  243. Vicky

    Peanut butter and chocolate spread!

  244. Mrs Phillips

    My favourite is beans and cheese.

  245. Cf225

    Cheese, ham and tomato ketchup!

  246. Deb Henderson

    Italian Salami, Mature Cheddar and Tomato.

  247. lottiecomp

    Cheddar chees and jam (jelly) … but wait for themto cool down!

  248. Natasha

    Jerk chicken, mango chutney and cheese

  249. Alison

    It has to be bacon and cheese – delicious

  250. Allan

    cheese and tomato

  251. Jane

    love toasties with ham, cheese and onion

  252. Louise Bowie

    cheese and beans! YUM!

  253. Jennifer Kelly

    This may sound seriously boring, but it justhas to be cheese for me!! Nothing nicer than a cheese toastie 😀


    has to be cheese and tomato, gorgeous- made me feel hungry now lol

  255. caroline lyons

    Cheese, Mayonnaise, Red Onions



  257. Danielle Woodman

    Cheese and red onion with a big dollap of mayo to dip in.

  258. Jackie Harrison

    Bacon and cheese

  259. Katherine Coldicott

    Bacon,avocado and blue cheese.Scrummy


    I love spreading a bit of laughing cow cheese on two pieces of bread. Then as the filling I put mushrooms and onions. The cheese spread melts a treat and the veg is great.

  261. Christopher Barry

    Goat’s cheese, red onion chutney and roasted vegetables.

  262. Pauline Appleton

    Corned Beef and Tomato

  263. Alison T

    has to be Bacon,egg and sausage for me although coronation chicken comes close too 🙂


    Morzarella or cheddar, bacon or parma ham, red onion, sundried tomato and chopped corriander YUMMMMMMYYYYYYY


    ops forgot to say following on twitter (MuckymooMse) and fb (Muckymoo Mse) and tweeted

  266. Ellie Daniels

    Hate to be predictable but pretty much like everyone it’s got to be a strong cheddar, with a few pieces of red onion and some halved cherry plum tomatoes. Classic, but NUMMMMMMMMM

  267. Joanne

    Cheese and onion everytime x


    Cheese with Caramelised onion

  269. Stacey Schofield

    cheese, pepperoni and red onion! mmmmmm

  270. Luisa L

    Steak, onions and cheese

  271. Julia Cook

    cheese, bacon and mushroom

  272. shailesh lathia

    cheese, tomato and onion

  273. Deborah Bird

    I like cheese and ham, but my mum used to make them with chunky chicken (the stuff you get in a tin in a sauce) and they were gorgeous!!!

  274. Nicola P

    spaghetti bolognaise! Sounds strange, but it’s lovely!

  275. Yvonne Brownsea

    Definitely ham, mature cheddar cheese and red onion for me x


    Wafer thin sliced salmon and cream cheese. No ifs or buts about it!


    Shropshire blue cheese and bacon

  278. Julie

    Cheese and ham…yum yum!

  279. Lynsey Blogg

    Raspberry Jam :0)

  280. Amandajanerose

    cheese, sliced cherry tomatoes and spring onion – lush!

  281. Laura

    Cheese, pepperoni, Philadelphia 🙂

  282. bella smyth

    mmm so many choices so hard, oh i know ham cheese and beans yummy yummy of ro make1now

  283. Nicola Clare

    Cheese and beans mmmmmmmmmmm 🙂

  284. Sue Hunt

    Peanut Butter and Banana 🙂

  285. Ashley Whitehouse

    Tuna mayo + cheese, no question, no argument!

  286. Ren Smith

    Cheese and bacon

  287. Dee

    I’d go for Stilton and asparagus, my favourites!


    Salt beef, cheese, onion, relish, green pepper and ghurkin!!

  289. Chmaine Apaloo-Lee

    Ham, Cheese and Onions


    Good old fav Cheese, ham and pickle

  291. brian norminton

    cheese and ham with mustard

  292. katrina campbell

    egg and ham

  293. Sarah Docherty

    Cheese and ham, simple but delicious!

  294. denise

    cheese and branston pickle mmmm

  295. Mark Turner

    My favourite is Marmite and Cheese

  296. Carolina J.

    I love ham and cheese!

  297. Amy Kat3

    smoked cheese & onion, served with thai sweet chilli dipping sauce 😀

  298. suzanne

    Bacon and scrambled egg,Then dip It In tomato sauce

  299. Sally W

    Tuna mayonnaise with cheese – delicious.

  300. Stuart Osborne

    Cheese, ham and tomato – but very full, almost like a Calzone pizza.

  301. Jules H

    Chicken Tikka – totally fifferent but gorgeous – smells and tastes divine!

  302. Rebecca Denyer

    I love chicken and bacon with cheese and Mayo

  303. alex laud

    smoked salmon and mozzerella for a posh toastie

  304. Kelly Hooper

    I love cheese and ham toasties, not hat adventurous but it tastes soooo good

  305. Privateinfo

    Simple and tasty, cheese and caramelized onion.

  306. Melissa Lee

    Cheese, pickle and onion! I had two today already 🙂

  307. Sarah Lyons

    Banana cheese and bacon mmmmmm

  308. Abi S

    Mars bar. Seriously. Amazing.


    the ultimate filling is jam and bannana ! its awesome!

  310. claire green

    It has to be ham with cheese, more ham and baked beans on the side of the plate!
    Pure heaven!

  311. Cjphile

    cheese and sweet onion yum 🙂

  312. Srobbo71

    Good old ham, cheese and branston – but watch the branston gets hot, hot!

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