A cheerleader uniform review?

No, friends. I have not become a cheerleader (although, obvs, I am very much a cheerleader on the inside).

Actually, Flea was recently given the chance to review an authentic cheer outfit from the folks at Living Cheer.

This wouldn’t be just any cheerleader outfit – it’s a properly, authentic made-in-the-USA outfit. And with Halloween on the horizon, Flea leapt at the chance to attend her best friend’s party dressed as a Demon Cheerleader.

Who doesn’t love a serial killer with pom poms?

The ordering process at Living Cheer is a bit unusual – you’ll need to know your child’s measurements before you start. This is REALLY important because the clothes don’t come in age sizes, but in S/M/L, and your child could well be a medium in one element and a large in another. Measurements are really the only way to be sure.

We chose an outfit consisting of the v-shaped shell (a sleeveless top with a deep v-shape design) in red and black, and a multi-pleat skirt, again in red and black. To complete the look, we had co-ordinating hair ribbons, white ankle socks and white pom poms. In total, the outfit cost around £55.

The interesting thing about Living Cheer is that it’s a site that’s designed to meet the needs of cheerleading teams and squads – the tops can all be personalised with team names and designs, for example. If you’re buying for a team, or group, you can request ‘fit outfits’ so the kids can try them on to get the right size, too.

Cheer Collage

But it’s equally possible to choose buy one outfit with a general slogan/design – as we did.

Now, I have to say that, in our experience, the Living Cheer website can be a bit slow at times – and if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, then it can be a bit tricky to navigate.

But it’s impossible to argue with the quality of the product we received.

Flea’s outfit arrived a few days after we ordered (although the site suggests waiting up to 10 days as products are shipped from the US), securely packaged and all in one parcel, which was great. We ended up having to swap the top for a larger size, a process that was really simple and quick.

The outfit itself is fantastic quality.

The cotton is really substantial, the stitching strong, and the fit comfortable. The skirt has a semi-elasticated waist and the pleats are well-defined. You need to cut out some temporary stitching before you use the skirt, or your pleats won’t flap! Being cheer novices,we didn’t know this and at first thought the skirt was faulty. D’oh.

The top is similarly substantial, and the arm holes aren’t too tight, allowing for a good range of movement when Flea’s wearing it. But it isn’t stretchy, so do measure and go a size up if in doubt – especially if your child will be wearing layers. Flea could probably have worn the smallest adult size in this top, but just fitted the XL kids’ outfit, at 10 years of age.

From Flea’s point of view, she loved the fact she was wearing a straight-from-the-USA uniform, and it looks EXACTLY like those cheerleaders in TV shows and movies. Let’s face it, the alternative is those cheap High School Musical affairs, all nylon scratchiness and thin fabric. Her friends were suitably impressed (which as we know, is EVERYTHING when you’re ten).

I liked that the outfit washed well, and will last through quite a few games and activities – Flea’s already worn the outfit again for a Book Club party at school, and I can see this outfit being well used in future.

If you’re interested in a cheer outfit, the site offers a full range of uniforms along with dance uniforms, fitness gear and trainers – whether it’s for cheering, or just for play, I’d definitely recommend taking a look.


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