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A Natural Remedy for Cold Sores is a sponsored post 

This week we’ve been trying out a brand new, natural remedy for cold sores.

As a mother to a fully-fledged teen, I can assure you that nothing – but nothing – occupies more of a teen’s daily routine than skincare. Teens are programmed to be obsessed with their face, and cold sores come very near the top of the list of skin problems that my daughter worries about.

Cold sores are often triggered by stress, so it’s something that can be horribly common in kids as they approach exams, relationships and all that teen life involves. Of course, cold sores aren’t just a teen issue. Loads of my friends are prone to cold sores and they can take up to ten days to clear up, which is a long time to wear your scarf artfully draped over your lips.

With Flea being so young, I’m always looking for natural remedies and ways to minimise the chemicals we’re putting onto her skin. For example, we both love Hayley’s recipe for natural lip balm.  Conventional cold sore treatments contain antiviral medications that can treat the underlying herpes simplex virus, but they can cause irritation, and minor side-effects in susceptible patients.


There are a few natural remedies for coldsores – things that are often recommended are tea tree oil, lemon balm and ice cubes. However, another option is one of a new generation of devices that use light and/or heat to treat coldsores.

HERPOtherm is a new natural remedy for cold sores that relies on heat to prevent the development of coldsore blisters, and reduce the severity of attacks that have already started.  It’s currently on special offer at Amazon, meaning you can save £5 on the regular purchase price of £46. But be quick – the discount only runs until March 20th!

We were sent a complimentary device to try out. I can’t vouch for its efficacy, since neither of us currently has a coldsore. But I did like that the HERPOtherm device is small, portable and discreet. It looks a lot like a lipstick in size and shape, making it really convenient and discreet enough to be popped into a handbag or make-up bag.

The HERPOtherm works by applying concentrated heat to the affected area on your lip. It’s completely drug free, and is safe for children, allergy sufferers and pregnant women. It’s suitable for children to apply to themselves from the age of 12. You need to be careful with children, because even though the device is only at 51 degrees, that’s hot enough to cause a burn if it was left on the skin for too long.

To use HERPOtherm, just turn the device on (there’s a red light to indicate when it’s turned on). Press the ceramic contact surface gently to your skin, and wait. The plate will warm up to around 51 degrees, for 3 seconds. The device will then turn off automatically. After turning the device on, a red light appears, and the ceramic contact surface will heat up to 51 degrees for three seconds, before automatically turning off. You can repeat this process up to five times in one hour, for maximum effect.

The theory behind such devices is that the heat breaks down proteins required for the herpes simplex virus to grow, and heat can also activate your body’s own enzymes to assist with wound healing. The application of heat can also reduce itching in some cases.

There haven’t been any large scale studies to prove whether this type of device is effective, but a small study conducted on 100 patients in 2013 found that heat therapy was just as effective as coldsore creams, and could also reduce healing time for coldsores by as much as 50%. (Wohlrab J, et al., Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology 2013, 6:263-271).

If you’ve ever tried a natural remedy for coldsores like HERPOtherm or anything else, I’d love to know how it worked for you.



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