Nununu Kids Clothing: Review & Giveaway

nununu kids clothes review

This weekend, I filled four shopping bags with clothes from Flea’s wardrobe that she won’t wear this summer.

Some of this is because of the HUGE growth spurt she’s had in the past eight months. But it’s also because my 11-year-old has developed some very definite ideas about what she will (and won’t) wear.

The days of popping down to the high street, and emerging with armfuls of colour and stripe are LONG gone. Instead, Flea has adopted the high school uniform of girls up and down the country – skinny black jeans or leggings, designer trainers and some sort of logo tee. If it’s black or grey, so much the better.

I blame senior school.

nununu clothing review 2017

Black Sheep t-shirt (£36) and raw shorts (£50)

Finding clothes that are good quality, not too grown-up, AND acceptable to little-miss-picky isn’t easy. But we were recently sent a selection of clothing from Nununu, and I think we might have hit the jackpot. We took to the beach to put them through their paces, and to daydream about renting one of those super-cute beach huts.

Nununu offers a range of clothing from babies to adults, along with beachwear, bedding and accessories. We especially loved the “shadows” range for kids aged 8-14, which is pretty much gender neutral and seriously cool.

The 2017 Nununu collection is mostly black, grey and white, with the odd splash of vivid colour. Rather than uplifting slogans and cute pictures, it’s industrial, minimalist cool. And Flea loves it.

nununu clothing review 2017

Black Sheep t-shirt, £36

We received a selection of items to try from the new summer range. This “black sheep” tee is one of Flea’s favourites – she’s already worn it to TWO play dates.

Sidenote: can you still call them playdates now? Or do 11 year olds just ‘hang out’? 

nununu clothing review 2017

Grey hooded ninja tee (£31)

There are lots of cool touches on these clothes – tees with raw hems and asymmetrical zips, and oversized, skate-style shorts.

To the relief of tween and teen girls everywhere, there is a selection of black leggings on the Nununu site. Flea opted for a pair with an overall grey star print (£34), and a really cool pair with handprints on the knees (£36).

They’re cute, but cool enough to feel grown-up. I didn’t capture a photo of these because – to be honest – they’ve either been on Flea’s legs or in the wash since they arrived.

Nununu was even enough to persuade my girl into some colour. This is a shocking turn of events.

nununu clothing review 2017

Yellow hooded tee, £41

Flea thought the ninja-style t-shirts were especially fun – they have an inner collar that kids can pull up over their faces, ninja style. They’re available in grey and black, and I think ALL kids will love these.

nununu clothing review

Grey hooded ninja t-shirt, £40

This sleeveless tee with an oversized hood, and tyre-print stripe is really fun, and the long, jersey shorts are soft, with a twisted seam and dropped crotch that gives them a ‘skate’ look that Flea loved.

Perhaps Flea’s favourite item from the range is this sleeveless hooded vest with diagonal zip. It’s the perfect summer throwover for when they’re cold, but it’s too warm to wear a full sweater.

nununu clothing review

Hooded vest (£59)

I love the idea of t-shirts with thumb holes already built in, too.

nununu clothing review

Let’s be real, these are expensive clothes. Nununu is a high-end brand – it’s often worn by the likes of Gwen Stefani’s kids.

But I can confirm the quality is very high. The shirts had double-stitching, there are lined hoods on the sweaters and everything has washed beautifully. Flea also loved the packaging, which is scented, and packed with little stickers and temporary tattoos for kids. It’s a nice touch.

These days, I find I’m spending more on clothes if I know it’s something Flea will wear. If my 11-year-old loves something then she will wear it until it falls off her back. It think it says something she left the house this Saturday for a day with friends wearing head-to-toe Nununu.

But you don’t have to spend a fortune – you could win some awesome kids’ clothes from Nununu, as featured in this post, courtesy of my daughter 🙂

Flea Reads|Nununu Kids Fashion Giveaway

Head over to Flea’s YouTube channel this month for a Nununu giveaway. We have a selection of four Nununu t-shirts featured in this review to give away to one Flea Reads subscriber. They’re all in size 10-11, which we found pretty true to size.

The shirts are the yellow long-sleeved hooded tee (£41); the Black Sheep tee (£36); the sleeveless ninja tee in black (£31), and the sleeveless zipped hoodie in grey (£59). That’s a clothing haul worth over £165 in total!

To enter, all you have to do is complete the competition widget on this video before 15 June 2017.

Good luck!





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  1. 14th May 2017 / 10:51 pm

    Play dates for 11 year old’s, I wouldn’t think so. Flea is looking so grown up now, Secondary School really does change them, where did our little girls go? I think the ninja t-shirt will be great for those hormonal outbreaks of zits! I really love the yellow and Black Sheep tops. My girl is only 11 but she’s already in 13 -14 yr old clothes and is 5ft 3″…that was some growth spurt! (And she’s not the tallest girl in her class like I always was.)
    Anne recently posted..My Sunday Photo – 13th May 2017My Profile

  2. 14th May 2017 / 10:52 pm

    Oh off to have a look at the clothes for boys. Seriously all mine wear is sports stuff. So trackies, trainers, football tops and such. I swore that i was never going to let them wear football kit all the time and now I have absolutely no say whatsoever
    Jen Walshaw recently posted..DIY LEGO Fidget SpinnersMy Profile