You Know You’re a Bad Mummy When….

…you have this conversation with your four-year-old on the way home from school: Me: “Was it meatballs for lunch today, Flea?” Flea: “No.” Me: “Lasagne?” Flea: “No.” Me: “Spaghetti Bolognese?” Flea: “No. It was chicken pie and carrots.” Me: “Well, what’s this big red splodge on your jumper then?” Flea:… View Post

Because You’re Gorgeous…

Like most four-year-olds, Flea rarely stops moving. She resists anything approaching a cuddle during daytime hours, submitting to a moment or two of stillness before wriggling free to get on with her current project. So one of my favourite times of day is bedtime. Flea has eczema, and each night… View Post

Mother, or career criminal?

I hear footsteps on the landing, and my heart starts pounding. I throw myself on the floor, hurriedly shoving things underneath the duvet, away from prying eyes. I smooth down my hair and put on my very best innocent face. “What are you doing Mummy?” Keeping my voice breezy and… View Post

The Tots100 Primer

For new readers, this site hosts a monthly index of the Top 100 parent blogs and bloggers in the UK. We’ve just updated the Tots100 index FAQ (you should now see a link over in the right hand sidebar) to explain in a bit more detail how the index works,… View Post