Child Labour….

If there’s a phrase that is guaranteed to make my motherly heart sink, it’s “Grandma doesn’t make me do that…”  Turns out that Grandma zips up Flea’s coat when they’re out. Grandma opens the car door for Flea, so Flea doesn’t risk getting her poor little hands dirty. If it's… View Post

The Weird and Wonderful World of Flea

There are loads of things I love about Flea. She's a crazy perfectionist, and never does anything until she's sure she can do it perfectly. She can't sleep unless one leg is hanging out of the bed. She's obsessed with being a boy and since I bought that six pack… View Post

Romance isn’t about places, but people.

The lovely Liz at Living with Kids has been writing about romance all week, for some reason or other, and asked me on Twitter to post a comment about the most romantic place I know. I didn’t post a comment. I thought about it, I really did. But after a… View Post

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: planning ahead.

Clearly, Flea is a girl who likes to plan ahead.  Today, she amused herself by writing her wish-list for Father Christmas… Then she planned her birthday party. Each face is someone she's going to invite. What are the X's? Well, I'm glad you asked. Those are the children she's already… View Post