High Points, I’ve had a few….

Okay, start the violins playing. Liz at Living With Kids has tagged me with a meme asking what are my five high points of 2009. And I really struggled. This annoys me because a) I’m rarely short of something to say and b) I’m pretty optimistic, as a rule. Truth… View Post

Magical Moments of Parenting #205

Somewhere around 3am this morning, I was woken by Flea shouting "Muuuumeeeee" at the top of her voice. She rarely wakes in the night so I tend to go to her quite quickly, assuming there's a good reason for her calling me. Groggily, I pulled myself out of bed, muttering,… View Post

A Merry Little Christmas…

It's almost midnight on Christmas Day, and I thought if there's a day when you're allowed to post something shamelessly sentimental on your blog, this would be that day. Flea and I have had a great Christmas so far, and as I put her to bed this evening, I thanked… View Post

And so this is Christmas (Eve)

We've frolicked in the snow all day. The tree has been trimmed.  The advent calendar has been emptied.  Stockings have been hung. The reindeer pyjamas are on. All that remains is for us to say thanks to everyone who has read, commented and generally been lovely this year and we… View Post