What’s in store for Mummy bloggers in 2010?

Susanna from A Modern Mother has posted her seven predictions for the parent blogging community next year. Never one to miss an opportunity to copy a great idea* here are my own seven predictions: Susanna thinks video blogging will be big in 2010. I disagree. I think the vast majority… View Post

The Commando Kid

Like most infant schools, Flea’s school is ramping up for the annual nativity production. Each morning the kids get changed into their costumes and head off for rehearsals in the main hall. To make life easier, the school has asked that infant children wear their PE jogging suits and t-shirts… View Post


It isn’t easy to know which blogs you should read. There are millions of them, and – let’s face it – most of them aren’t very good. There are 100 great parent blogs on this site every month, but here are some other blogs that come with the Who’s the… View Post