It isn’t easy to know which blogs you should read. There are millions of them, and – let’s face it – most of them aren’t very good. There are 100 great parent blogs on this site every month, but here are some other blogs that come with the Who’s the… View Post

Who is Who’s the Mummy?

Who’s the Mummy is the true story of me (Sally) and my fantastic daughter, Flea.   We live in Lancashire, although I often venture further afield in my work as a freelance blogger, writer and speaker. Flea hopes to be a pirate or a diver when she grows up. At… View Post

Oh, what a tangled web we weave

I suppose I should be grateful it's taken this long. But this last month or so, my daughter has discovered that – actually – you don't always have to tell the truth. So she's become a master of deceit, lies tumbling from her childish lips at an ever-increasing rate. The… View Post

A letter to Sally, aged 16

Dear 16 Year Old Me, So, bad luck on getting sent home from school. It probably wasn’t that smart to get drunk before double biology, even if Miss Stocks did make you stand up in class while she announced: “Class, this is what failure looks like.” And if you don't… View Post