Vital statistics: why so shy?

One of my day jobs is working with PR agencies, training PRs  in how to pitch their clients to the media. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of work with agencies on how to identify, evaluate and work with bloggers across various sectors. A constant challenge for PR execs is… View Post

Secret Confessions of a Cinephile

Here’s the thing: I love the cinema. I love all kinds of cinema. I love French movies, especially Jules et Jim and De Battre Mon Coeur s'est Arrêté. I cried like a fool at Kristin Scott Thomas in I’ve Loved You So Long, and thought Into the Wild was one… View Post

Flea and the great bobble mystery

Now that Flea has started school, we find ourselves at the mercy of The System. There are rules and stuff, which we're not altogether used to. One of the rules at Flea's school is that if children's hair is longer than shoulder length, it has to be tied back with… View Post