Life is the Dream.

Another tag today, this time from Sandy who has asked me to share my ‘dream’. I was all set to tell you about the place in the picture. Except if I told you, then you might go there and it wouldn't be my secret retreat any more. So, never one… View Post

The Yay Me Meme

It’s Friday and it feels a good day to do one of my outstanding memes. And at the top of the pile? Josie at Sleep is for the Weak has tagged me with the “Proud to be Me” meme, where I have to think of five things to be proud… View Post

Updating the bedtime routine

When I was pregnant I bought myself a copy of Gina Ford’s Stepford Baby book. I binned it when I read in Chapter 1: “7am: baby is awake and dressed”. Not in my world, mate. We’ve always been big fans of sleep in our house. Until she started school Flea… View Post

Why Flea doesn’t watch television

I’ve got a confession to make:  my child doesn't watch television. But here's the thing: I never set out for Flea not to watch television. I'm not one of those parents who will only feed their child organic Quinoa and ethically-sourced dried fruits. Honestly, I've nothing against the odd packet… View Post

Halloween Costumes: Sorted.

This month, The Great Toy Guide team has been hard at work testing kids’ Halloween costumes, and we’ve put together our guide to 12 of the best outfits for your children this Halloween. Hey, it's a tough job, but we're there for you.  We think there's something great here whatever… View Post