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  • Single Mum Survival Tips

    Single Mum Survival Tips
  • Competition: Win a £40 Nando’s Gift Card!

    Competition: Win a £40 Nando’s Gift Card!
  • This Old House.

    This Old House.
  • Great Women to follow on Instagram Stories

    Great Women to follow on Instagram Stories

Flea’s 5 Tips for Big School

So, the world and his dog are busy writing random lists of how to get your kids ready for big school. My favourite tip was this one: "A week before school starts, start getting into the routine of getting up early, getting dressed & having breakfast." Are you completely stark…

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So, that underbelly I was talking about… (updated)

A few months back, I wrote a post on my PR and journalism blog, Getting Ink, mentioning the commercialisation of the UK Mummy blogging scene, and how I felt it was beginning to create some divisions and tensions. I got a lot of comments – universally saying I was wrong.…

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It’s like driving off a conversational cliff when your brakes have failed…

There are two sorts of women in the world, in my view: feminists, and women I want to slap round the head while chanting: "Does Emily Pankhurst mean nothing to you?" Because I’m a feminist, when I had a daughter, I decided she should grow up with a positive body…

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Let’s Play Mummy Lingo Bingo

For those who don't know this about me: I'm a journalist. Like most journos, I've spent time working in newsrooms. Nowhere teaches you to swear better than a newsroom. I became a prolific pro-swearer in my 20s – if there's a better compound swear word user than me, I've never…

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I See Bad People…

Flea and I went to Chester Zoo last week for her birthday treat. Flea loves the zoo. Well, strictly speaking, Flea loves monkeys. So Chester Zoo is always a good day out. It was pretty busy, but I let Flea run pretty free at the zoo – after all, they…

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