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  • Repeat Prescriptions Made Easier with Pharmacy2U

    Repeat Prescriptions Made Easier with Pharmacy2U
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    Brompton Lakes Luxury Lodges Review
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    Win a £50 Starbucks Gift Card
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    Budgeting Tips for Christmas

…So we sat in the house and massacred innocent civilians.

It was a quiet day in Playmobil-land. Children raced go-karts, while mothers kept a loving eye on little ones, cosied up in their prams. A friendly policeman chatted with a child, while in the background, small dogs and cats playfully chased one another. Who'd have thought, on an ordinary day,…

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Too wet to go out, too cold to play ball….

It’s been a busy old week. I had a book deadline, plus a former client snark up (technical term) my websites. So I've been typing like mad, trying to rescue my website and attempting to disentangle myself from the client relationship with dignity intact and no bodies in the basement.…

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Flea’s first school report: the highlights

Flea has now finished her first year at pre-school, and her teacher dropped off her file today. This includes a regular school report. Apparently, Flea is a “lovely little girl who is polite and sensible at all times”. But the file also includes dozens of Flea’s drawings together with lots…

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No, I don’t want to give my child a ‘head start’, thanks.

When we moved to Lancashire, Flea and I signed up to a variety of activity groups, hoping to meet some other Mums and kids. On one level it was a resounding success – we met some great Mums at swimming, and I knew I’d get along with the local vicar…

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7 Things I Hate About You…*

Well, it's my first meme here at Who's the Mummy, courtesy of Emily over at  Maternal Tales, who understands that I left my heart in Brighton. I have to list seven of my personality traits, and then pass on the meme to seven other blogs. So, here goes: Inappropriate. I…

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