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  • Single Mum Survival Tips

    Single Mum Survival Tips
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    Competition: Win a £40 Nando’s Gift Card!
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    This Old House.
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    Great Women to follow on Instagram Stories

Monday, bloody Monday

Five things I've learned today: The universe has a twisted sense of humour. So, I posted last week about my paranoia that Flea would choke to death on a piece of apple skin. And this morning, Flea choked on a piece of apple skin. Fortunately, I was sitting next to…

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Oh, so *that’s* why I don’t read the Sunday Times any more…

The Father was here this weekend. ‘The Father’ is Flea’s Dad. I like to call him ‘the father’ because he likes to call Flea ‘the child’.  When he’s in town, I get all giddy because I can go to the cinema and read whole newspapers and eat Pringles on the…

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The Magic of Motherhood.

 We were in the car driving through Windermere yesterday when Flea suddenly shouted: "Look Mummy, that lady looks just like you!" I wasn't really paying attention – I was far too excited at just having seen the sign for a real life Lakeland Limited store – so I just murmured,…

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The Movie Project

Back in January, I made a New Year’s Resolution. Not to go to the gym or floss more regularly or anything even remotely self-improving. No. My resolution was that in 2009 I would watch 100 movies I’ve never seen before. We’re now just past the halfway mark, and I’m on…

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I think I may be raising a bona fide musical prodigy…

We're pretty big on music in our house. In the same way I never entirely trust someone who doesn't read anything, I always think people who aren't passionate about any sort of music are probably missing a bit of their soul. I feel the same about movies, but that's probably…

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