Are you Playing Hard to Get?

At the grand old age of *cough* 25, I don’t expect to be told that I’m playing hard to get. But there you have it. Last week, one of my old friends said that’s exactly what I do. The reason for this is that I am atrocious at responding to… View Post

2017: A Year in Photos

It’s December 30 and that means it’s time to emerge from under this mountain of cheese and mince pie wrappers to pull together my annual highlight reel. I don’t know about you, but it’s easy to think that this was a TERRIBLE year. Brexit, Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, Theresa May…… View Post

Low Sugar Chocolate Orange Muffins

In a few short days, I’m going to be hosting my family for Christmas. This is a bit completely terrifying. Aunts, uncles, parents, cousins – all expecting me to feed them. The only option here is to break out one of my easiest festive recipes – chocolate orange muffins. These… View Post

A Guide to Family Travel to O’ahu, Hawaii

You might think this is an odd time to talk to you about Hawaii. But here are three important reasons that I’m now sharing a post about our a-ma-zing trip to Oahu, Hawaii this summer. First, it’s cold as all heck out there and who doesn’t want pictures of sunshine… View Post