Flea and I like to invent games.

Among our favourites are classics like, "I can't be bothered to hit you, will you just run into my hand really fast", "Close your eyes and guess who hit you" and "I don't know who you are, little girl, but I'm sure your real Mummy is looking for you". 

However, our best and favourite game EVER is "I can only hear you when you are singing"

If you'd like to try this game in your family, it's really very simple. Whenever your child tries to talk to you, simply reply, "I can only hear you when you're singing". 

You can join in the game, too, if you like. And the louder and more out of tune you are, the better (which is lucky, for us Whittles). There's no downside for you as the parent because – ha! – you are the one with the video camera. 

Which means you are the one that gets to create absolutely amazing future blackmail material like this gem: 


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