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This week was a pretty big one for me, financially.

I finally signed off my will, and I also set up a new pension, and some ISA investment type things (technical description available via my financial advisor).

I know, right? Living the [middle aged] dream.

Truth be told, for a long time, I couldn’t bring myself to really think about money. I was absolutely that person who didn’t have a monthly budget, stuffed bank statements in the drawer and regularly bounced direct debits, and worried about our future.

Thinking about savings and investments is hard – especially during those times in your life when you might be living from month to month, and struggling to make your money stretch to the end of the week.

The Aviva Saving Smarter Tool is a nifty online assessment tool that asks you various questions designed to reveal your attitude to money, risk, spending and saving, and then suggest tools and web pages that might help you.

I tried out the tool, and it is very simple. It will run you through a series of questions, designed to make you think about your attitudes to spending, saving, risk, and money generally.

aviva saving smarter


It turns out that I’m someone who spends first, thinks later, and probably doesn’t save enough. Which is a fair observation – we’ve done two california road trips, several long weekend city breaks and a shopping trip to Chicago in the last couple of years, and I’ve still got wonky skirting boards…

As one of my friends said this week, “Flea won’t remember what sort of skirting boards you had. She’ll remember riding the rollercoaster on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.” 

saving smarter

At the end of the quiz, the tool will assign you one of four superhero personalities, that gives you an insight into how your views might be impacting your saving habits. Turns out I’m a Super Stretcher – part human, part elastic!

Apparently, this means I’m likely to be very good at budgeting (who knew?) but am prone to spending on special occasions.

The tool then goes on to profile your spending personality:

saving smarter results

This feels pretty accurate to me – I am 100% opposed to having any sort of debt, and don’t save OR worry what other people have, or spend their money on. I’m way more focused on having money to do the things we want to do – which is mostly about travelling and having fun.

I liked that the tool then goes on to give you ideas for how you might save more (in a way that fits your personality) – it challenged me to increase the amount I’m saving by £1 each month, to see what difference it makes over a year.

If you want to be a better saver, check back over the weekend, as I’ll be sharing my ten top tips to be a better saver!


This post was sponsored by Aviva. If you’d like to try the tool for yourself, please visit  for interactive tools to help you save smarter and to take part in Aviva’s online personality quiz.



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