I’m not a big fan of the selfie.

I think I might have short arms or something, because whenever Flea and I try to take a selfie, I seem to end up cutting myself out of the photo. The shelfie, though? THAT is an Instagram phenomenon I can get behind – all you have to do is share a photo of a shelf, and talk about what’s on it.

The bonus of the shelfie is that it’s open to the short of limb, but ALSO it’s perfect for people like me who are basically pathologically nosy about other people’s homes. If you’ve got a shelf that shows me your taste in books, music, travel, DVDs, whatever – I am all over it.

This month Tots100 (that’s one of my businesses, for the purposes of disclosure) is partnering with Victoria Plumb on a Shelfie competition – if you share a shelfie and then blog about it, you can win £500 to spend on whatever you like. Tragically I can’t win, on account of it being my business and all, but I did want to show willing and share my own shelfie.

We’ve recently revamped the dining room and kitchen in our house – the work’s not TOTALLY complete but we have managed to replace some fairly hideous paisley style wallpaper (no, I don’t know why, either) with a splash of white paint, a new table and chairs and – drum roll, please – some new painted white shelves made by a local joiner.

So here it is, my very own shelfie.

What’s on my shelf?

victoria plumb competition


  1. Flea’s books – generally, Flea is reading 12 books at any given time (she lacks focus, can’t think where she gets it from) and these live on the dining room shelf. The copy of Mummy Laid an Egg is an old book, but I keep it to hand because it just makes me laugh too much.
  2. My books – a motley collection of trash fiction, YA novels, old classics and travel guidebooks – at the moment we’re all about planning our trip to california this summer, so we’ve got three or four guide books and road maps.
  3. FTS. This was a Christmas present from my team – who are some of the most fun, interesting people you could hope to work with. Although I do have to take down the ‘T’ when my parents visit. I’m not telling you what it stands for – you work it out.
  4. Sonos. Possibly the single greatest use of WiFi yet invented. This little gadget provides me with instant access, via my computer or phone, to all the music I own on my computer, in iTunes, Internet radio and Spotify. Couldn’t love it more if I tried.
  5. Photos. I have a few favourite photos of Flea that I keep out – I’m shocking at remembering to print and frame pictures once I’ve taken them so these three photos possibly represent the sum total of my printing and framing activity over the past year. I am such a lax parent.


So there you have it. If you’d like to share your shelfie, I’d love to see it (no, really, I would LOVE to see it) – just head over to Tots100 to see all the instructions if you’d like to enter the competition, too – but don’t wait too long, the comp closes on June 6th!