The email, when it came, was like manna from heaven. “We want to whisk you away and spend the night with you,” it said.

Frankly, given how my life feels at the moment, I’d have said, “Yes please, whisk me now!” no matter who was making the offer.

So it was lucky the email actually came from the rather lovely people at, who have cleverly made a mattress that they say is suitable for pretty much any size or shape of person, called the ONE.

Getting down to the nitty gritty: I’d spend a night in the apartment in London. The company would ensure there was nothing to disturb me, except some restaurant food of my choosing, which could be delivered, and an iPad packed with entertainment.

Yeah. It wasn’t a tough call.

Spending a night solo in a strange apartment is weird. For about two minutes. After that it’s completely bloody fantastic, honestly.


I read some of my new book, then I ate hot pizza with my fingers (no worries about setting a bad example to small child). I opened a bottle of wine, and ate cake. I read some more of my book.

As the clock neared 8pm, it was bath-time. Except this time there were no toys or requests to rinse someone else’s hair. Nope. This time it was a long, hot bath for ME, with just a book to keep me company. I dried off with fluffy towels and took myself to bed – with my book and a glass of wine. says the ONE mattress is a medium to firm mattress that uses high-tech materials that respond and contour to your body no matter what your size, shape or preferred sleeping position.

The top layer of the ONE mattress is soft enough that I sank into it thinking, “Uh oh, it’s going to be too squidgy.”

But actually, the top layer is memory foam that moulds to your body, with a breathable latex gel middle that stops you getting too hot or cold, and a firm foam base that combines comfort, breathability, and decent support.

The latex apparently keeps you cool in summer, and warm in winter, and the memory foam responds to pressure, rather than heat, so it bounces back into shape very quickly.


The ONE mattress is, I think, pretty affordable – ranging from £349 for a single mattress to £699 for the king size version. It arrives rolled into a very small package (the king size mattress comes in a box measuring 155 x 32 x 32cm – how crazy is that?) making it a great option if you don’t love hulking a massive mattress up a narrow staircase…

The key question of course – how does it feel to sleep on?

Well, it’s pretty comfortable – the memory foam takes a bit of getting used to, I suspect, but the mattress is supportive and I certainly felt warm enough on a pretty cold night.

Luckily for you, though, offers an extended return period on the ONE mattress – try it for 101 nights and if it’s not for you, they’ll collect it and give you a refund. What could be more relaxing than that? I mean, aside from waking up on your own in an apartment and sitting down to breakfast without having to share it with anyone?


So there you have it – a mattress that really could suit everyone. I just can’t promise you an undisturbed night to read a book from cover to cover…