How can it be only Tuesday?

Already this week I’ve endured the kind of trauma that would reduce most adults to a quivering wreck, cowering in a corner with a towel over their heads.

First up, I suffered the world’s most ridiculous cat-related injury. I tried to avoid tripping over a hungry cat at the top of the stairs yesterday morning, wound up terrifying the cat, who promptly attached himself to my toes by his claws, almost severing one of my toes in the process. It’s TWO DEGREES outside and I’m wearing sandals. I hate my life.

Second up, Flea’s school has massively increased its intake this year and the car park at pick-up time reminds me of the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan, if the soldiers were replaced with Audis and Range Rovers. The car park is a battlefield at pick-up time and last night my car was the weak soldier with the non-speaking role, which means it got squished between two 4x4s and now has matching dents on either side. I hate the world.

So you’d think I’d deserve a bit of pampering, but because I am ALL ABOUT the giving, I’ve decided instead to offer one of you the chance to be pampered – with a selection of goodies from Peachykeen, a website that specialises in organic, natural skincare.  I’ve been given the following products to give away in the form of a rather lovely gift basket:

  • Vanilla Body Butter – gorgeous coconut, cocoa butter and rosehip oil to melt into your skin;
  • Overnight Hand Soother – a must on your bedside table;
  • One pair of white cotton gloves for an extra intensive treatment;
  • Calm Balm for chapped lips and dry bits (works well on nails too);
  • Rosehip Face Oil – food for your skin;
  • Handbag/travel jar of Overnight Night Hand Soother.

All the products are 100% natural and organic, made by hand in Cheshire.

How to Win: 

If you’d like to win this rather lovely basket of products, which is worth around £60, all you need to do is leave a comment telling me why you deserve pampering. Go on, tell me your traumas…

Submit your entry below! The competition closes at midnight on April 9, 2013. A winner will be selected from all correct entries at random, displayed on the widget below, and notified by email. If the winner cannot be reached within one week, entitlement to the prize will be lost and it will be re-drawn and given to another winner.

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