why can't i remember anything?

I have a theory about the human brain.

I think it basically has a finite capacity, a bit like a laptop hard drive. And when your mental hard drive is full, what’s left either gets punted to an external drive (phone, diary) or is simply discarded.

In my case, a lot of stuff gets discarded.

At the moment my head is stuffed with a new website that’s almost ready to launch, an awards ceremony, a conference, a major new event, two websites that both have lots of clients, and members, and contributors – all of whom seem to need me to do things on a daily basis. And let’s not forget the small matter of a lively seven-year-old, a missing cat, parents, family, friends, and a crumbling Victorian house to take care of.

Reality is, there simply isn’t enough room in my head for all of this stuff.

In the last week, things I have forgotten include:

  • Brushing my hair after breakfast. With the result that someone pointed out (at 8pm) that I still had Rice Krispies in my hair.
  • Lunch with some blogging friends. I managed to entirely double-book myself and missed a lunch I flippin’ organised.
  • A coffee meeting with a potential client – remembered only because the client texted me 10 minutes before it started to cancel. Phew.
  • EVERY time I go to the bathroom, I think, “Must call the plumber about that dripping tap.”  By the time I get to the foot of the stairs, the thought has entirely vanished.
  • I use Skyscanner to track flight prices and TOTALLY intended to book a flight when I got a price alert last month. Forgot – and the ticket price has since gone up by £300 a seat. Bugger.

Online diaries are all well and good, but they don’t tend to work for me – because I forget to look at them. I know. Ironic, isn’t it?

Win a Mum’s Office Diary

Because I’m such a scatterbrain, I was  pleased to be offered the chance to try out a new diary designed specifically for families – yes, it does say “Mum’s Diary” on the (removable) packaging but last time I checked, most men were able to pick up pens and manipulate them to form letters, so I’m confident this is actually a unisex product.

The Big Family Diary is a school-year diary with one week to a page – plus a handy facing page where you can add in other people’s schedules – ideal for me, as I can add in Flea’s activities, work activities, and things I need to remember for when she’s visiting her Dad, for example.

There’s a handy phone directory and monthly planner so you can important dates at a glance – ideal for someone like me who tends to forget dentist appointments until the last minute and then finds themselves madly trying to reschedule them because I’m fully booked up. There’s a nifty elasticated holder for a pen (because you can NEVER find one when you need one) and a bookmark.

Fancy getting your mitts on a diary? I have TWO large Big Family School Year Diaries worth £16.95 each to give away to two of my readers. The diaries run from August 2013 to August 2014 and come in a rather fetching raspberry or peppermint colour, with a silver embossed date on the front cover.


If you’d like to win a diary, simply comment on this post and tell me what’s the last thing you forgot? 

This giveaway is now closed.