Instagram Stories: 13 Cool Things to Try

I’m a little bit addicted to Instagram Stories, both making and watching them. It’s weird because when Instagram first launched the Stories feature, I was all, “How boring is THAT? Who wants to watch other people do boring stuff all day?” Well, me as it turns out. (Side Note: Follow… View Post

Dear PR (the ranty edition)

You can’t have missed the controversy in recent weeks about the travel blogger who asked for a free stay at a hotel in exchange for coverage on her YouTube channel. Personally, I think the hotel behaved unprofessionally. Sharing a pitch from a small business without taking due care to protect… View Post

Are you Playing Hard to Get?

At the grand old age of *cough* 25, I don’t expect to be told that I’m playing hard to get. But there you have it. Last week, one of my old friends said that’s exactly what I do. The reason for this is that I am atrocious at responding to… View Post