10 of the Best Age Appropriate Bikinis for Teens and Tweens

As a Mum to an almost 13-year old, finding suitable (age appropriate) bikinis for teen girls is becoming an annual palaver.  Like many girls her age, Flea loves being on the beach. But it’s increasingly important to Flea that her swimwear looks just right. My girl used to be happy… View Post

What Body Shaming Looks Like (10 Things People Said to Me Because I’m Fat)

I’m officially fat. Actually, I’m a lot of things. I’m a sister, daughter, mother. I own a company. I have one and a half Masters degrees. I do voluntary work in my local community. I try to be a good person and role model to my daughter. I’m also fat.… View Post

Review: TV Presenter Training for Kids

Would your child like the chance to attend a TV presenter training course? Like most kids of her age, Flea is fascinated by TV presenting, whether it’s making videos for her YouTube channel or watching Max and Nev do their thing on Catfish. Learn How to be TV Presenter So when… View Post

I Want to Christmas like a Kardashian

Everyone has pipe dreams, and mine are usually travel-based. Right now, I’m sitting in a coffee shop on a rainy Friday morning, but I’m daydreaming of sunsets on California beaches, plane rides to exciting new destinations and all the places on my bucket list I’m yet to see. You know… View Post

The One with the Random Blogger Q&A

Who’s the Mummy is going to turn ten years old later this year. It’s scary to think this blog has seen Flea through nursery, primary school and into senior school. It’s outlasted two boyfriends, three offices, two pets, and several redecoration projects. On the basis that not everyone reading this… View Post