Review: TV Presenter Training for Kids

Would your child like the chance to attend a TV presenter training course? Like most kids of her age, Flea is fascinated by TV presenting, whether it’s making videos for her YouTube channelĀ or watching Max and Nev do their thing on Catfish. Learn How to be TV Presenter So when… View Post

iRobot Roomba 980: Review

We were recently sent the iRobot Roomba 980 vacuum cleaner to review. As labour-saving appliances go, a robot vacuum cleaner is pretty high on my wish list. We have a dog in the house, and I have numerous allergies. This means keeping our floors clean is an important, and endlessly… View Post

Is it Easter without Cadbury

Do you like to smash your Easter egg into tiny shards and then pick them up and nibble over a period of hours? Or do you (like me) think there’s just something special about biting into a whole, perfect Easter egg half? There’s something about the smoothness of the egg,… View Post

I Want to Christmas like a Kardashian

Everyone has pipe dreams, and mine are usually travel-based. Right now, I’m sitting in a coffee shop on a rainy Friday morning, but I’m daydreaming of sunsets on California beaches, plane rides to exciting new destinations and all the places on my bucket list I’m yet to see. You know… View Post

The One Where Flea Changes School

Changing schools in the middle of the year was never in the plan. But here we are. This morning, I dropped Flea off at a new school, having left her old school on Friday. I’m not someone who makes this kind of decision lightly. To say the least. For starters,… View Post