Amazing Experience Gifts Teens will Love in 2024

experience gifts for teenagersIf you’re looking for experience gifts for teens, then you’ve come to the right place!

In this post, we’ll be sharing some examples of fun experiences to give to teens that don’t mean buying them yet more stuff to clutter up their rooms. And let’s face it, they’re teenagers – anything you buy is probably going to be wrong, anyway.

The list below includes a range of experiences that will get teenagers’ pulses racing, encourage them out of their bedrooms, and maybe even give them some amazing memories. Whatever your teen is into, there are some great gift ideas here that they’ll think are pretty special. Some are great to experience with a friend, and others you might even want to join in!

Let us know which one you’d love to try! If you’re looking for experience gifts for younger children, then don’t miss our guide to experience gifts for kids.

Experience Gifts for Teenagers

flying lesson for teenagers

Teen Flying Experience, £150

For a special birthday or if you feel like going seriously BIG with an experience gift for teens, how about a flying lesson?

This gift is a unique experience, giving teenagers the experience to take controls with a (kind of) affordable lesson. We reckon this is a great gift for kids who have a taste for adventure, and lessons are available around the country, so there should be a site close to you. The flying time during the lesson can even count towards a private pilot’s license, if it’s something they want to pursue further.

life sized monopoly

Lifesize Monopoly, £98

Perfect for competitive teens, this experience gift in London nvolves playing Monopoly just as you might on Christmas Day at home. Except this time, it’s life sized! Imagine a giant board, with giant dice – and you’re the pieces. It’s far more satisfying making your opponent bankrupt when you can go and physically stand on the property you just repossessed! The voucher is for two, so your teen can tke a friend (or parent) if they’d like. If you sign up for emails on the website, then you can also get £10 off the price.

paintballing for teenagers

Paintballing Experience for Teens, £12.50 per person

There’s nothing that thrills me more on a bad day than picking up a paintball gun and splatting someone square in the chest. Paintballing is a brilliant way for teens to enjoy the great outdoors while also getting rid of some of those rage hormones and letting loose their competitive spirit!

At just £25 for 2 people, I’d recommend paintballing as a great experience gift for a teen to do with friends or family, because after all it’s only fun to fire splats of colourful paint at people you know in everyday life, right? At the moment you can book paintballing experiences for teens at 50% off, making this a brilliant deal. 

Mega choice for action and adventure, £55

Sometimes you want to get an experience gift, but you’re not sure what to go for. This, friends, is why people buy book tokens. But if you don’t want to gift your teenager yet another Starbucks or Waterstones voucher, how about this? It’s a voucher that lets teenagers pick from a menu of 50+ different activities, so there’s bound to be something for even the pickiest teen. Fancy a day bungee jumping? Maybe you’re more into sailing or climbing or making your own perfect nacho plate?

experience gifts racing car teens

Junior Supercar taster day, £44

For younger teens who love cars but aren’t quite old enough to get behind the wheel, this is a really fun experience option. They can have fun in a high-speed ‘super car’ – there are 15 cars to choose from, at 15 different locations around the country. What makes this day extra special is the chance to get a high speed race around the track in the passenger seat, with a professional driver at the wheel. We think this is a great experience gift for your adrenaline loving teenager!

feeding meerkat gift voucher

Meerkat encounter £49 (for two)

Who doesn’t love small, adorable creatures? For teens who love animals, this meerkat encounter is the perfect chance to get up close and personal with the wildlife, meeting some adorable meerkats. Not just that, but your teen will be able to feed the meerkats and learn about their habits first hand, at a local wildlife zoo. As some locations, you’ll also be able to explore the zoo.

Lets them get up-close and personal, feeding them snacks for an adorable connection. Certain locations also allow independent zoo exploration – you can choose between wildlife parks in the Midlands, London and South Coast, with experiences lasting an hour, plus you can spectate and explore the zoo together after!

Family gift experience box £49.99

Looking for an experience gift for the whole family that teenagers will love? This gift package provides a choice of indoor and outdoor adventures, with 48 different options that will cater to everyone’s unique interests. The package can be used for groups of different sizes, and each voucher lasts for up to two years, so if you can’t cash in your experience gift right away, there’s no mad panic. Get yours on Amazon!

best experience gifts for teens

Mother and daughter makeover and photo shoot, £15

I love this experience gift for younger teens – a mother and daughter makeover and photo shoot. Of course, also suitable for boys and anyone else who might like a bit of a pamper, a good outing together, and some nice photos to boot. A professional photographer will help you post without looking awkward, and you’ll also enjoy a “creative consultation” followed by hair and make-up. This experience gift for teen is available nationwide – just remember that while 1-2 photos are included in the price, any extra photos you buy will be an additional cost on top of the voucher.

experience gifts teens uk

Flamingo feeding experience gifts, £60 (for six)

OK, steady on, because I think we saved the best experience gift for teenagers until last. Why not invite your teen and five of their mates to go and feed flamingos. I think this is what the kids refer to as being “wholesome” fun.  This particular experience is available in Scotland – you’ll head to Bird Gardens in Scotland for a meet-and-greet with Chilean flamingos. Sessions must be booked at least 24 hours in advance, and you’ll spend an hour getting up close and personal with some leggy birds. So to speak.

There you have it. Ten brilliant experience gifts for teenagers that’ll get them out of the house, having fun and creating some really wonderful memories in the process. Hopefully we’ve inspired you to give some of these activity gifts a whirl!

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