The One Where We Hire a Maths Tutor

Year 8 has been a tough one for Flea – not least because she’s started to struggle in maths lessons. Flea has always been pretty good at maths. But she’s AMAZING at English. Human nature being what it is, Flea tends to think that she’s terrible at maths. Because she… View Post

12 Questions for Parents of 12 Year Olds

Parenting a 12 year old is weird. Seriously. It has become painfully apparent over the past six months that the Flea I once knew has disappeared. I used to have a child who thought I was awesome, and had answers to all the problems in the world. Now I have… View Post

The One with the Lost iPhone

Flea lost her iPhone yesterday. At 12 years of age, this is basically the same as being disconnected from life support. What to do? It was the worst of luck. Flea had missed her bus and decided (as you do) to nip into Caffe Nero for a hot chocolate before… View Post

Do We Measure Up?

It happened this weekend. 10pm came around and I found myself on the BA website looking at flights. My feet are itchy and I’m feeling the need to take a trip before Christmas. Maybe a European Christmas market. Perhaps Dublin. Oslo? Just somewhere. Else. This time last year, we booked… View Post