How to help children feel happier, fun and simple ideas

How to help children feel happier

Like me, you’re probably always wondering how to help children feel happier. Because for most of us, what we want for our kids more than anything is for them to be happy and healthy.

Today I’m sharing a fun activity for children aged 3-7 that’s designed to build emotional literacy and help them to feel happier. It’s taken from How I Feel, a brilliant new book from children’s psychotherapist Becky Goddard Hill.

Becky is a longstanding friend and her book is packed with 40 fun activities for children that help little ones to talk about their feelings, helping them to build emotional literacy. The activities also help kids become kinder, calmer and braver. The activities include art projects, crafts, games and exercises that can be done independently, or with a grown-up. Each is beautifully illustrated by Assia Hart, and ideal for younger readers to explore independently.

Here, Becky shares an extract from the book’s section on helping children feel happier. This fun activity helps children look at what’s right under their nose and appreciate what they have – rather than pinning their joy on the new and the exciting. There’s definitely a lesson in here for adults, too!

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Go on a Happiness Hunt

You don’t have to wait for the school holidays or for your birthday for life to be amazing and to feel happier. Lots of simple, everyday things are great, too. They are easy to miss, though, if you don’t look out for them. So let’s go happiness hunting and find the things in your home that make you happy. When you find something that makes you happy, say a little thankyou to it and put a tick on a sheet of paper. Can you get ten ticks? Ready, steady… go!

What did you find?

I found…

  • A funny book
  • A juicy orange
  • A family photo
  • A fluffy blanket
  • My guitar
  • The biscuit tin!

Top tip: simple things can make you feel happy and they are often already in front of you!

how to help children feel happier

For adults, doing this activity at the same time as children shows how you can find joy in the everyday, too. Maybe you’ll choose different items and you can discuss why they bring you joy. Being able to find happiness in the world around us helps children to feel happiness, gratitude and contentment in the present. That’s a big boost to their mental health and wellbeing.

How I Feel

How I Feel was published this week and is available to purchase here for everyone interested in how to help children feel happier. Becky writes and podcasts at Emotionally Healthy Kids. You can find more exclusive extracts and activities from How I Feel on the Blogger Book Tour. Check out the blogs below for more details:


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