Make their day magical with these 10 Harry Potter gifts

best harry potter giftsLooking for ideas for Harry Potter gifts? You’ve come to the right place.

My daughter read the first Harry Potter novel when she was eight years old. Immediately, she was obsessed. A couple of years later, we were lucky enough to be invited to the Harry Potter studios, before it was open to the public.

We loved it. So much, in fact, that we’ve been back five times since then. We also had an amazing time in Florida visiting the Harry Potter wizarding world theme park at Universal.

wizarding world of harry potter

Today, I wanted to share some of our favourite gifts for Harry Potter fans. Whether you’re looking for something for a young Slytherin or a passionate Quidditch lover, we’ve got something that should fit the bill. Skip to the end of the post to see us surprise our 13-year-old with the BEST Potter surprise ever!

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20 Best Harry Potter Gifts

Do you have a Harry Potter fan in your life who you want to treat? This list of 20 Harry Potter gifts is sure to help you find something that will make them smile and give them a tangible token as a full-fledged member of the Potter fandom.

The majority of these gifts are under £25, but if you’re looking to splurge and treat them a bit extra, there are some more expensive options towards the end of the list.


1. Harry Potter Funko pop figurine £11.99


Harry Potter gift

These adorable little figures are collectible, but inexpensive and the perfect addition to a Harry Potter fan’s desk or shelf. They’re also small enough to not attract too much attention if they want a subtle expression of their appreciation for the series. Also, did I mention they’re just plain ADORABLE?

Available to represent all your favourite Potter characters, from Hermione and Harry to Hairy Hagrid.


Harry Potter Gift editions, £21

harry potter book gift editionWe think these Harry Potter gift editions are something pretty special. If you’re looking for a gift idea for a Potter fan who loves the original books, then these new, fancy cloth-bound versions will go down a treat. Each book has a slip-case with high quality original graphics that will look spellbinding on their shelf. They might even provoke a re-read or two.


Hagrid candle £3.24

Harry Potter candle gift idea

Looking for a birthday gift for a Harry Potter fan? One of the best Harry Potter gifts we’ve found are these adorable Hagrid-themed candles from the brilliantly named Wizard Wicks. They come complete with a “Happee Birthdae” message on top. Made from natural ingredients in the UK, they’re under £5 and make a really lovely birthday gift for younger buyers, or a cute gift for a friend. It’s guaranteed to make them smile every time they light it. Although we hope it smells like birthday cake not Hagrid!


4. Golden snitch necklace £30

harry potter gifts necklace

Sometimes you want to buy a gift for a Potter fan that’s a bit more sophisticated.

In which case, can we interest you in this subtly stylish jewellery option? This golden snitch necklace is shiny, sutble, and has the words, “I Open at the Close” on it – referring of course to the snitch that Harry takes to his final battle with Voldemort. What better way to showcase your Potter fandom, in a low-key way?

The snitch opens to reveal a traditional watch face, so it’s a timepiece as well. At just under £12, I think it’s a great buy.


Personalised, Harry Potter Gift Wand, £32

personalised wand

Looking for something that’ll really knock a Potter fan’s robes off? How about this personalised, engraved wand for a smidge over £30?

This bespoke recreation of Voldemort’s wand is sculpted from resin and measures approximately 14.5” in length. Available in a sleek, collectable wand box with decorative paper overlay, the unique wand is ready for display anywhere in your home. Also makes the perfect gift for Slytherin fans or any aspiring witch or wizard! Please note Lord Voldemort’s Wand is a collectable replica and not intended for use as a toy. Personalisation costs £5 extra.

A wand itself is an excellent and versatile gift for practicing their spells and replicating fight scenes in their bedroom, but having it engraved will add a special personal touch. It will also stop those pesky dark wizards from pinching their broom. Those things don’t grow on trees, you know!


House-coloured gloves, £12

harry potter gifts UK

These  mitten gloves are available to match the colours of your favourite house, and are the perfect way to keep warm during the cold months when you are secretly wishing you were wandering across the quad to your Potions class.

I love the fold-over mitten top which means you can remove them to use your wand (or you know, send someone a text) and then cover your little fingers back up to keep warm.


Harry Potter 3D mug £7.99

Harry potter gifts mug
Seriously how adorable is this Potter 3D mug? It’s less than a tenner from I Want One of Those and is currently £5 off. Bargain!  We reckon it’s big enough for a giant Hot Butterbeer, holding 550ml or 18flOZ of liquid in its oversized bowl. This mug is officially licensed, and a must have Harry Potter gift for fans and collectors. 


Personalised mini-figure frame £26

Do you love LEGO? Do you love Harry Potter? Then this is the gift for you. One of our cutest Harry Potter gifts is this customisable frame featuring two LEGO mini-figures from the Potter-verse and a personalised message.


Harry Potter book earrings £4.99

hogwarts earrings

If they have pierced ears, what could be better than earrings that look like the original first editions of their favourite book series? These aren’t tiny books, they are tiny ear rings and a super cute Potter gift idea.

These Harry Potter book ear rings are niche, inexpensive, and something your Potter fan can put on everyday. After all, what outfit doesn’t go with a book?


Hot chocolate and mug gift set £16.95

harry potter gifts mug

This Potter hot chocolate gift set has to be one of the CUTEST Harry Potter gifts at £25 or less. This set comes complete with a mug emblazoned with the Hogwarts crest, and a little hot chocolate making kit. Perfect for providing some comfort in the winter months.

The mug is ceramic and the hot chocolate kit includes 2 hot chocolate mixes (one green, one red) that change colour as they mix with milk. That’s not all. You’ll also get a package of mini marshmallows to top your hot chocolate making it a perfect fireside treat.


Jewellery stand £25


This Fawkes jewellery stand is perfect for hanging necklaces, bracelets, or anything you like. It’s a great decoration even when empty, and calls back to one of our favourite moments in the whole movie series.

This Hogwarts alumni Jewellery Stand is only £25, and is official licensed Harry Potter merchandise. The gold resin stand is 21cm tall with a metallic effect finish, complete with 3D Hogwarts design. Be the envy of all your family and friends with this illuminating Harry Potter gift that will add class to any bedroom space.

Themed notebook £12.79

This themed notebook is a cool grey callback to the Half-Blood Prince books. Remember the school book Harry takes with all those sneaky spells inside? We always need a notebook, so why not get this one, and in the process enjoy a cool replica of a Hogwarts textbook?

Themed slippers, £10

Good old Dunelm has a fab range of Harry Potter gifts and one that’s perfect for the sisters and Mums is this pair of themed embroidered Gryffindor slippers currently 30% off. (Other houses are also available). You can get them in sizes 3 right up to 8-9 and these super soft slippers are the perfect companion for lounging around at home or enjoying a movie marathon with your fellow wizards and witches.


Apple Watch strap, £19.99

There are lots of Harry Potter gifts on this list that I lust over but this might be the very best. An Apple Watch Strap with a cute, subtle Potter design. Available in 10 colours and four sizes, there’s one to fit any watch in the Apple Watch range, and at under £20 this won’t break the bank, not even Gringotts. They’re made to order in the UK, and available from Etsy. If they’ve got an Apple Watch attached to their wrist 24/7, this is the perfect potter gift for them.

Dobby LEGO set £19.99

SCREAM! What could be more perfect than an afternoon building a LEGO model of the world’s best house elf? A more inexpensive LEGO option than some of the larger ones on offer, this little figurine of Dobby (RIP) comes with a matching cake, so you can immortalise his  iconic moment in the second film. This little gift makes a perfect addition to someone’s desk or bedside table.


Fidget toy £10.95


This snitch-themed fidget toy makes a great Secret Santa or stocking filler gift for a Harry Potter fan.  Perfect for that colleague who gets bored at work, this little toy fits easily in their hand and lets them daydream about the movies while at their desk.

It’s compact, measuring 8.2cm x 3cm, so easily fits into a pocket. Simply hold the centrepiece with your fingers and spin around rapidly using small continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely.


Time-turner necklace, £70

Harry Potter jewellery

Admittedly, this is one of the more expensive Harry Potter gifts on our list, but we think it’s worth splashing out sometimes!

This stunning sterling silver Harry Potter Time Turner Necklace is the perfect stylish gift for Potterheads. With its rotating centrepiece, embellished with crystals, this necklace will soon become your favourite accessory.


Gryffindor House gift trunk, £175

The ultimate collection of items for a serious Potter fan, this trunk packs a punch!

For £175 you’ll receive a Hogwarts school trunk personalised with your initials, along with a personalised acceptance letter and a range of official replicas and souvenirs. These items include a robe, wand, scarf and a selection of Hogwarts treats. Anyone for a chocolate frog? There’s also an adorable soft toy lion to complete the package. Each item is officially licensed and made as an exact replica of items in the movies.


Hogwarts LEGO set £122.99

For the ultimate LEGO and Harry Potter fan, why not invest in this gorgeous model of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It’s a Potter themed activity for them to do that will result in an excellent little replica of the castle that they can put up with pride in their house.

With more than 2,600 individual pieces you’ll be able to create the Main Tower, Astronomy Tower, courtyards, Great Hall, Boathouse, bridges and greenhouses. All done? Place the gold-coloured LEGO Hogwarts architect statue next to the “Hogwarts Castle” nameplate or at the corner to make an enchanting centrepiece. 

A personal cameo video from Tom Felton, £500

For the priciest item on the list, we’ve got perhaps the most wonderful and weird gift for a Harry Potter fan. How about a personalised video message from Draco Malfoy himself, or Tom Felton to use his Muggle name?

Just send some information and what you want them to say – for instance, singing them Happy Birthday or wishing them luck on a current event in their life. And with a bit of luck, a few days later you’ve got one of the most memorable Harry Potter gifts ever!

We actually bought this gift ourselves a few years back (when Cameo was new and we paid nowhere NEAR £500) and here’s how it went down with Flea on her 13th birthday:

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