A Letter to a New Mum

Anyone who has the privilege of being a new Mum knows that it can be magical, intoxicating, and life-changing. It can also be exhausting, worrying and just boring. Today I’m teaming up with WaterWipes to create a letter for a new Mum. I’m sharing some of the things I’ve learned… View Post

The One with the Random Blogger Q&A

Who’s the Mummy is going to turn ten years old later this year. It’s scary to think this blog has seen Flea through nursery, primary school and into senior school. It’s outlasted two boyfriends, three offices, two pets, and several redecoration projects. On the basis that not everyone reading this… View Post

Awesome Things about Raising 12 Year Olds

I had coffee with a friend yesterday who is also a Mum to a 12-year-old tween daughter. At one point, we both sighed and agreed that, oh my goodness, raising a tween girl is hard. And honestly, there’s not that much advice out there about parenting a tween girl. Babies?… View Post

The One Where We Hire a Maths Tutor

Year 8 has been a tough one for Flea – not least because she’s started to struggle in maths lessons. Flea has always been pretty good at maths. But she’s AMAZING at English. Human nature being what it is, Flea tends to think that she’s terrible at maths. Because she… View Post

Things to do in Amsterdam When You’re 12

This half-term, Flea and I spent a hectic three days in Amsterdam. Today I’m sharing my favourite things to do in the city with tweens. Although Amsterdam might have a reputation for, erm, “adult” attractions, the flat landscape and history make it a fabulous, family-friendly destination. Starting Out in Amsterdam… View Post