Is the Child Maintenance Service the Worst Idea EVER?

Like thousands of other single parents, I’ve recently been received a letter from the CSA, announcing that my existing child maintenance agreement, as run by the CSA, will end in a few months, and I need to make new arrangements. Now I know it has a terrible reputation but I can’t lie… View Post

Things I know about Co-Parenting

When I split from my husband, I remember a good friend telling me that divorce isn’t an event – it’s a process. She meant that it’s not something where you can draw a line in the sand and say you’re “done” with it. Because it’s something you do, over and over,… View Post

Oh, so *that’s* why I don’t read the Sunday Times any more…

The Father was here this weekend. ‘The Father’ is Flea’s Dad. I like to call him ‘the father’ because he likes to call Flea ‘the child’.  When he’s in town, I get all giddy because I can go to the cinema and read whole newspapers and eat Pringles on the… View Post