Win £50 to Spend at Joe Browns

Top of my list of “ways to waste a perfectly good weekend” has to be shopping on the High Street. Ugh. Probably I’m just old, but the thrill of schlepping into town, parking up, squeezing into too small changing cubicles with curtains that never, ever close fully (seriously, what is… View Post

Win a Canary Home Security System

We love to travel at Christmas. Last year we took a short break to London and this year we’re ridiculously excited about a forthcoming short break in Chicago. I know, I know. It’ll be freezing and isn’t it a long way to go for a short break? But there are… View Post

Win £50 to spend at Olive and Vince

This weekend, Flea updated her summer wardrobe, which meant a shopping trip for both of us. Frankly, shopping is WAY more fun with a toddler – Flea has an aversion to wearing cute dungarees with stars on and teddy bear slippers these days, which saddens me. Is there anything cuter… View Post

George Formby, toasted sandwiches and a giveaway.

I called my Mum all excited a few days ago to tell her that a PR agency had sent me a George Formby grill. She laughed for a full two minutes. So, I know now that it’s actually a George Forman grill (Formby was the guy with the ukelele), and… View Post

Would you like to win a hamper of chocolate? Of course you would.

I don't go in for competitions or gimmicks like giveaways on this site. No, I'm all about the high-quality editorial. Then someone offered me one of these babies* to give away to celebrate the relaunch of Ferrero’s website, and to spread some general Christmas cheer… Well, it would have… View Post