Five Reasons why Love, Actually is the WORST Christmas Movie Ever

I love a good Christmas movie – which is precisely why I don’t love Love, Actually. *pause for shocked intake of breath* I know, I know. Everyone loves Love, Actually. Because it’s got all our favourite British actors in, and there’s that cute kid, and Liam Neeson and Mr Darcy… View Post

Review: The Crown, new on Netflix

This year we’ve been enjoying some stellar TV shows on Netflix. To be fair, a lot of my telly watching falls under the “guilty pleasure” category. My tastes in TV haven’t matured very much in the past 20 years or so. This means that 2016 has seen us bingeing on… View Post

40 (more) Box Sets to Watch Before you Die: Part 2

So it’s time for Part 2 of my epic guide to the very best box sets to binge on, with selections from iTunes, Amazon, Netflix and On Demand TV services. Last time, I gave you a round-up of some of my favourite sci-fi, drama, crime and supernatural shows. This time,… View Post