Win a Family Ticket to Toyopia and a Super-4 Playmobil Set

This month, we’re pleased to be teaming up with Playmobil to give away a family ticket to the brand new Toytopia show in Liverpool on October 24th. Toytopia is the brand new toy exhibition where you can see brand new toys, entertainment, live shows and activities for kids aged 2-12.… View Post

New Playmobil for 2012: Recommendations

An overview of the new Playmobil 2012 ranges from Toy Fair in London, including Playmobil Future Planet, Playmobil Harbour, Playmobil Stone Age, Playmobil Western, Playmobil Pirates and more.
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The one where we review a Playmobil Wildlife Station

  Regular readers of my blog will know that I love Playmobil. Last year, I was lucky enough to travel to the middle of Germany to visit the global headquarters of Playmobil, where I met the company’s founder, and also got to spend some time at the Playmobil Fun Park… View Post

An Ode to Playmobil

As a parent, you enter – or rather re-enter – the World of Toys.  One of my favourite rediscoveries has been Playmobil. For those who aren't familiar, this is a range of plastic figures and playsets that allow kids to play at all sorts of things, from construction to hospitals.… View Post