How to Serve a Healthy Breakfast in Under 90 Seconds

Sometimes, for laughs, I ask my friends what time they get up in the morning. One of my best friends, for example, gets up at 6.30am. She leaves the house at 8am. That’s 90 minutes to shower, tend to the dog, make breakfast and get ready for the school run.… View Post

Veggie Chilli (as inspired by The Big Family Cooking Showdown)

For someone who can’t cook, I spend a ridiculous amount of time watching people cooking on TV. What are your top three TV cookery shows? For me it’s Come Dine with Me, Great British Bake Off and Masterchef. But I could be swayed by The Big Family Cooking Showdown, the… View Post

Pressure Cooker Thai Chicken

I suspect if you’re a child of the 70/80s like me, I bet you remember pressure cookers. My Mum used a pressure cooker religiously on a Sunday to cook up a Sunday dinner. A joint of gammon could be cooked in the bottom of the pan, with potatoes and green… View Post

Easy Festive Chocolate Cinnamon Fudge, with Schwartz

Some of my most cherished childhood memories are from my grandmother’s kitchen. My grandmother was one of the best women I ever knew. Back in the 1930s, she attended Glasgow University, studying for a year before her parents pressured her to drop out and get a job to help support the… View Post