Catching the Bus: 5 Tips to Make Kids Confident

Flea is 12 now and I’m fully aware it’s time to start helping her become more independent. But wow, it isn’t easy. I feel slightly guilty when I tell people that Flea has never taken a bus by herself. But her primary school was 8 miles away, so a bus wasn’t… View Post

7 Things that will Definitely Happen in Year 7

So your precious baby is about to start Year 7, and secondary school? Get ready. I say get ready because you have NO idea how much things are going to change over the next 12 months. Your little kid is going to transform into a borderline teenager right in front… View Post

Senior School: Week One

We survived. Despite the nerves, despite the full-body-shell-shock of a 7.15am wake-up alarm, we survived. Flea is now a fully-fledged secondary school girl. It’s been a really big change, for both of us. And some things took us by surprise. Namely: Kids Make Friends Faster Than You Flea came home the… View Post