Using YouTube Analytics to Grow your Channel

If you’ve been on YouTube for more than 5 minutes, you’ll know that building a channel is entirely different to building a blog. It’s frustrating because as bloggers we know – sort of – how to build an audience and promote our content. But on YouTube the process of growing… View Post

40+ YouTube Tips I learned at the Manchester Creator Day

Last weekend, I snagged a place at the 2016 YouTube Creator Day in Manchester, a packed day of workshops and presentations for people finding their feet on YouTube. That’ll be me, then. I’m not going to lie – it’s a special sort of terrifying walking into a room of people… View Post

How to Change your YouTube Channel Art

It’s a fact of life that changing your YouTube channel art is more complicated than you’d think. That’s because YouTube asks you to upload a single, large image that will be cropped in different ways depending on how someone is looking at your channel – on TV, computer, tablet or… View Post

12 Tips for New YouTubers

Most of us sharing content on YouTube are acting as our own cameraman, sound guy, lighting guy and director. And it’s HARD to get all that stuff right, especially when you’re a beginner. So it’s hardly surprising we end up with shots where we’re ever so slightly out of focus,… View Post