Dubai with Kids: 5 Reasons to Go Back

dubai with kids

Thinking about travelling to Dubai with kids this year?

The more I travel, the more I feel like different destinations have their own personalities.

Take France, for example. France wants you to have a nice time, but to learn something while you’re there. Spain, in contrast, just wants you to have fun, and not take it too seriously.

And Dubai? Dubai just wants you to have the MOST.

Whether you want the most fun, the most sun, the most extreme experiences and luxury accommodation – Dubai has it all.

We visited Dubai last summer, and today Emirates has asked me to share my five don’t miss ‘em Dubai experiences for families visiting Dubai with kids this year. Need more inspiration? Check out the Emirates site for deals and inspiration for Dubai holidays.


If you want to get the real view of the city, don’t miss the Burj Khalifa. It’s the world’s tallest building and the views are surreal. It’s amazing to see what has been created out of nothing, with skyscrapers and water pools and nothing but desert in the background.


Talking of desert, you can’t visit Dubai without taking a trip into the desert. There are plenty of options depending on your preferences, but we loved the dune bashing, and sand surfing. Yes, it’s true – in Dubai, you can surf on sand dunes. How cool is that? Oh, and camels. I love camels.

desert sunset dubai

The Madinah Jumeirah hotel, where we stayed, is an experience in itself – a hotel complex set on its own network of canals, with wooden boats ferrying guests from place to place. If you’re not staying here, you can visit and take a tour, and enjoy eating in one of the hotels’ many restaurants (we really recommend the Thai restaurant).

The heat in Dubai is intense (especially for Northerners like us) but that’s not a problem. Dubai has a host of water-based activities, and the one I’m dying to try out on my next visit is the Aquaventure Park at Atlantis The Palm. There’s a 1.6km long river with rapids and waterfalls, and Flea is desperate to try the Leap of Faith – a near-vertical plunge into a shark-infested lagoon.

terrified on jetski santa barbara

Finally, don’t forget the beaches. Dubai has some amazing beaches, and watersports galore. Flea is a big fan of a jet ski, although last time we rode one, I did genuinely think I might die of fright!

This being Dubai, the experience is taken to the max, of course. How about being pulled behind a speedboat on an inflatable that flies? Or riding a mini submarine shark at speeds of up to 100km/hr?

Whatever your preference, though, you can guarantee that visiting Dubai with kids will give you the MOST of it 🙂

Have you ever visited Dubai? What are your top recommendations for visitors? 

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