A Day at the Circus

It’s no secret that Brighton is one of my favourite cities in the whole world.

I lived in Brighton for almost eight years, and Flea was born there.

So it’s not entirely a coincidence that Brighton was the venue for the Tots100 Summer Party – which saw 100 kids and bloggers for an afternoon by the seaside.

We were lucky enough to be hosted by Zippos Circus, which is currently touring the UK with an amazing family show (check out the website to see when Zippos will be near you!)

The day kicked off with an hour on the beach, collecting rocks and enjoying the sun after a week of torrential rain. We then met up with some other bloggers and headed to the Big Top, which was just moments away from the beach.

There was time for a circus lunch of hot dogs and chips in the shade of the Big Top before we headed in for our circus workshop – a great chance for Flea to try out juggling, plate-spinning and even the low trapeze!

Then we took our seats for the circus. As the ringmaster stepped into the spotlight it occurred to me Flea’s never seen a circus – would she enjoy it?

I needn’t have worried – she thought the tumblers were hilarious, the acrobats amazing. She sighed at the performing birds and held my hand as I sneezed my way through the dancing horses (allergies). We both watched the grand finale – involving three men on motorcycles driving at high speed inside the same giant hamster ball – through gaps in our fingers.

At the end of the afternoon, we walked along the beach in the sunshine and drank the remains of our frozen slushies. I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon. Thanks so much to all the bloggers I met, and to everyone who loaned me tissues to cope with my newly-discovered allergy to horses.

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