12 of the Best: Brilliant Age Appropriate Bikinis for teens and tweens

best Age appropriate bikinis for teens 2024As a Mum to a teenage girl, finding suitable, age appropriate bikinis for teen girls is becoming an annual palaver. 

Like many girls her age, Flea loves swimming, and being on the beach. But it’s increasingly important to Flea that her swimwear looks just right.

My girl used to be happy with board shorts and a rash vest I’d choose from somewhere like Boden. Once she hit the age of 12, it had got to be a bikini, and she became ridiculously particular about designs. But then – so am I.

Flea is still in her teens, she’s not 20. She doesn’t need teeny triangles or something that makes her look five years older than she is. She needs strong straps and decent coverage. Something that will allow her to be the young person she is, and play, and swim and lark around on the beach or at the pool.

I think when you’re a young girl, nothing’s more inhibiting than worrying you might inadvertently flash some strangers on the beach. And when you’re still at school, your swimwear shouldn’t involve the need to shave your bikini line (imho).

Last summer, after a lot (seriously, a LOT) of hunting we found the crop top bikini Flea is wearing at the top of this page. It was in the girls’ range at River Island. Flea thought it was really cute, and I was also happy with the coverage. There are loads of designs available in this year’s collection.

But River Island only provides these suits in sizes up to age 12. Newsflash, River Island: just because my girl is over 12, doesn’t mean I want her wearing these items…

Honestly, it’s a similar story at a lot of my go-to retailers. Either the girls’ swimwear stops at age 12, or is too revealing, or it goes too far the other way.  No 13-year-old that I know wants to be wearing the same as the 5-year-old who’s building a sandcastle down the beach.

Okay, enough complaining.

We’ve put in the hard work so you don’t have to. Here are 12 fab bikinis for our younger teen girls. I’ve noted where we have bought from a particular retailer and put the products through their paces. We reckon all of these are cool enough for the most discerning teen. But they’re practical and modest enough to please parents, too. Please note that some of these links are affiliate links, meaning I’ll make a small commission if you click through and buy.

12 of the Best Age Appropriate Bikinis

for Teen Girls & Tweens

age appropriate bikinis for teens

Charmleaks High Neck Bikini, £25.99

Looking for a sporty bikini for a teen girl?

This cute high neck bikini from Charmleaks has many 5* reviews on Amazon and is available in a huge range of colours and patterns. It combines a high waist pant with a high neck bikini top. It is super comfortable for teens and won’t mean they need to be re-adjusting their swimwear every time they get out of the pool. It’s a women’s design so best for older girls in their teens, probably 13+.

tween modest bikini

H&M, Sports Bikini, £15.99

H&M has a range of what they call ‘sports bikinis’ that offer great coverage plus modern styling that will meet the approval of teens. This bikini top costs £15 and offers great coverage. It’s also available in multiple colours, so you could get a couple to mix and match over a longer holiday. There is also a choice of bikini bottoms to match.

best bikini for tweens

Puma Racerback Bikini Top (various colours), £20

This sports top from Puma is a great fit for tweens and teens if you’re looking for a more sporty design. The racerback style is going to stay put no matter what your kids get up to! Personally, I think the only downside is the potentially weird tan lines you get with this sort of back, but if you’re using SPF that shouldn’t be a problem. Available in multiple colours, at just £20 this one won’t break the bank. It’s available from Amazon here.

puma tankini for tweens

Puma Longline Bikini Top for Teens, £25

Another Puma option, this one offers more body coverage and a recycled, soft fabric with narrow straps. I think it’s more of a tankini style top. It’s available in two pretty patterns, one black/multi and the other blue/multi. I think this one’s a great options for tweens and young teens as it’s not too sophisticated but still gives them the two-piece style Flea wanted at this age. Sizes run from XS (6-8) upwards in adult sizing and you can buy on Amazon here

tween girl bikini superdry

Superdry, Swim Sport Bikini Top, £18 (currently half price)

In our family, Superdry is considered officially ‘cool’ by the teenager, so I was thrilled to find a really decent range of bikinis for tween and teen girls in stock this summer. I’ve bought two bikinis from Flea now and they were both exceptionally good quality fabric, and met with her discerning approval.

Alongside colourful regular bikinis, there are these racer style bikini tops that offer lots of coverage for younger girls, with a range of colours and designs. The crop top style and sleeveless design means they’ll still get plenty of sun without the worry of being too exposed, or catching the sun on their chest.

age appropriate black bikini for girls

New Look, Black Textured Bikini, £11.99

New Look is my go-to shop when I want age appropriate swimwear that won’t break the bank. Their swimwear tends to be a little less robust than the sports and surf brands, but it’s pretty, flattering and available in lots of more modest styles for younger girls.

This black bikini is so simple and cute, and one of my teenager’s favourite bikinis for 2024. It’s fuss free and offers decent coverage with a sporty shape and generous sized bottoms, with a pink gathered bikini top and ruching on the bottom. I personally like that both parts of this bikini offer great coverage, making them age appropriate for even younger teens.

It’s currently 25% off at New Look, making this a complete BARGAIN! Buy it here.

halter neck bikini teens

New Look, Halter Neck Bikini Top, £13.99

Another great teen bikini buy from New Look, this bright halter bikini has wide straps and a broad support band under the bust – meaning it offers good coverage and will stay put when girls are swimming. This is probably one of the more ‘grown up’ items on my list of age appropriate bikinis, so it may or may not be right for you. Personally, I love the green colour but being a pale person, I also think the black is gorgeous. I love this bikini for the wide straps, high waist, comfy stretch and fully lined fabric, making it ideal for tweens who want to wear a bikini, but need to be age-appropriate. It’s available from size 6 upwards in adult sizing.

age appropriate bikini for young teens new look

New Look, Tie Dye Halter Bikini for Teens, £16.99

I don’t often see tankini designs that work well for all ages, but I think this tankini from New Look comes pretty close.The girls’ range at New Look is generally a GREAT place to look for cute, appropriate bikinis for teens and tweens. The store has women’s bikinis but also suits in a variety of styles for girls aged 11-16. This halter suit is a tankini style for girls aged 10-15, and offers a shorts style bikini bottom with a cute pattern. It offers great, modest coverage and is really age appropriate. Buy it here.

best bikinis for teens and tweens 2021

Roxy Wildness Crop Bikini Top, £36

Now, this isn’t the cheapest age appopriate bikini top on the list but if you’re losing hope at finding a bikini that your teen will want to wear and that you’ll be happy with, this bikini crop top (available in navy and ecru) from Roxy might be worth a look. It’s got that summer festival/surf vibe that my teen loves, while also offering a robust option for swimming and playing in the sea. Available from amazon here.

girls bikini tommy hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Girls Bikini, £34

This Tommy Hilfiger bikini is a modern classic, with thick cross straps that are staying put no matter what, and a dark blue design that’s offering loads of coverage.

It’s available in sizes Age 8 to 14, making this a great option for younger tweens and teen girls who want to wear a bikini while being age appropriate. Get yours on Amazon here.

bikini for 12 year old age appropriate

Monsoon, Zebra Print Teen/Tween Bikini, £18

Honestly, I just love the design of this zebra bikini for tweens and teens from Monsoon. It’s colourful, but sophisticated. Made entirely from sustainable fabrics, it’s available in sizes from age 8 to 15, making it perfect for tweens and teens alike. Check out the Monsoon site here.

age appropriate swim shorts

Roxy Boardshorts, £32

I’ve definitely noticed that it’s quite hard to buy a bikini set in stores these days – often the top and bottom are sold separately. That’s no bad thing if you find an age appropriate bikini top for a 12 year old, but you’re less keen on the bottoms. I love the idea of pairing a crop top with a pair of board or swim shorts and these from Roxy are perfect.

They’re available in about 20 different designs so there’s lots of choice. And they’re short enough that they won’t end up flapping around your legs when they’re wet (ugh). But still modest enough to be age appropriate for younger girls. Available in scores of sizes from XXS up at Amazon now.

There you have it! Our guide to the best bikinis including age appropriate bikinis for teens this summer. Let us know your favourites in the comments!

9 thoughts on “12 of the Best: Brilliant Age Appropriate Bikinis for teens and tweens”

  1. Kelly Dunsdon

    Such a great post. I have a 13 year old too and we’ve just been on holiday… The struggle to find something appropriate was tricky!! Like you, we went for a couple of the New Look bikini’s which were perfect… It was hard to get the balance between childlike and beach babe though!!

  2. Perfect. Mine is not a fan of a tankini sadly, but loves the crop top style of bikini. We found one in Primark that has lots of really pretty straps, plus an overlay frill that says cool bikini without being skimpy.

  3. In defence of Boden, my super tall seven year old has just grown out of age twelve clothes so they are a massive hit with us because she still is the little girl making a sandcastle! These are a wonderful collection though and there are quite a few would suit her without being too old so I shall be bookmarking and shopping!!

  4. These are brilliant choices Sally! I’m actually looking for something similar to the Jack Wills suit myself. I have been wearing one piece for years and want to try to go back to a bikini but want something with more coverage. The New Look ones are very cute too!

  5. Thank you for saving me hours trawling through websites trying to find suitable ones, I have the same problem every year for the three girls, that’s E sorted, my only problem this year is that both N and X no longer fit in teens, half the women’s choices I wouldn’t even wear myself, not everyone wants teeny tiny triangles on the beach!! Although a good excuse for a girlie shopping day!

  6. Thank you SO MUCH for this. My small 12yr old is desperate for something that doesn’t scream “I’m still a little girl” but that actually fits her while not being totally inappropriate.
    Going to go through this post with her later. Hopefully find something that we both like!

  7. teenbikiniguide

    I am looking forward to going to the beach with my kids. My body isn’t perfect, but it’s a beautiful thing not to care what others think of how I look

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