Single Parent Dreams v Reality: The Weekend

Like many kids with divorced parents, Flea spends alternate weekends with her Dad. Although she doesn’t sleep over at his place, she’s out of the house from 10am to around 7 or 8pm, giving me LOADS of free time. Single parenting can be tough sometimes, but all that free time?… View Post

5 Parents You’ll Meet at School Sports Matches

Oh my goodness, it was a stressful weekend! Flea was in Leeds, playing in a hockey tournament. She’s the goalkeeper for the county team, but actually played for three teams, because they were missing a couple of keepers. By the time the playoff games started, five hours later, Flea was… View Post

How Secondary School Changed my Daughter

Sometimes in parenting, there are moments that make you stop in your tracks. “Holy Hell, how did THAT happen?” you’ll ask yourself. Take the two video stills below. The first image is from last July, just before Flea started secondary school. The second image is from a video a couple of weeks ago.… View Post

Cooking with Kids (Epic Fail)

One of the lovely things about your children growing up is them looking after you, for a change. As Flea’s got older, her naturally kind and thoughtful nature works in my favour pretty often. Like the time I had a cold, and she ran me a hot bubble bath with… View Post

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Mothers’ Day

I am sometimes referred to as a last-minute person. Although, naturally, I prefer to think of myself as charmingly spontaneous. But yes, I am the sort of person often to be found panic buying last-minute Mother’s Day gifts. Kids have it easy when it comes to Mother’s Day, I reckon.… View Post