Complete gift guide: what to buy your ex for Father’s Day

what to buy your ex for fathers dayWondering what to buy your ex for fathers day? Every year you used to find me panicking about choosing father’s day gifts for my ex. Or having a pre-Christmas panic on what the “kids” will buy for their Dad?

I think sometimes, it’s got to suck being a Dad and opening a gift, wondering if it’s going to be yet  another mug, another wallet or another pair of scratchy comedy socks. But if that gift comes from an ex, well, it’s extra complicated.

As a single Mum it comes down to me to buy gifts for my daughter’s Dad, but also my own Dad – and over the years we’ve identified some tried-and-tested gift ideas for Dads that are cool, fun and that Dads will actually use!

My guiding principle is that I don’t want to give my ex anything too meaningful. I also want it to be something my daughter would plausibly choose. Also, I hate *stuff* that takes up space and never really gets used. So all the gifts in this Fathers Day gift guide are either:

  • Gifts that Dads will use regularly, like things to wear or wash with
  • Gifts that Dads will consume, so food and drink that gets finished up, OR
  • Gifts that Dads will experience, so there’s no “stuff” to find room for.

These are some of favourite ideas for what to buy your ex for fathers day – and we think they’ll love, too! I promise, there’s not a mug or a pair of socks in sight…

Please note some of the links in this article are affiliate links, meaning we’ll make a small commission if you buy. 

15+ Great Gifts to buy your Ex

fathers dad gifts action camera

Action Camera, £49 (regular price £64)

This neat little action camera is waterproof, shockproof and designed to be mounted on anything from a car to a bike, boat or helmet. It’s the perfect gift for an ex on Fathers Day who likes to get out and about on adventures – and relive them later. It’s not got all the whizzy features of the more expensive models but it’s an AMAZING price for a 4K camera and it even includes a remote control. GREAT for summer holidays, too. See it on Amazon here.

cheap gifts for dads

Dove Gym Set, £18.99

I love this super-affordable gift set from Dove that includes some body spray, shower gel and a gym towel. Perfect if the ex/Dad in your life is just getting back out to the gym after a breakup. Get it on Amazon here.

unusual gifts for dads

Nanopresso Espresso Maker, £64.95

If you’re not sure what to buy your ex for fathers day and he loves being outdoors, might we humbly recommend this rather swish portable espresso maker?

Yep, this espresso maker elevates your Dad from the humble flask of instant coffee giving you the opportunity to make a fresh, hot cup of espresso. Just add coffee into one end of the Nanopresso, turn it upside down over a cup, twist and pump to create a freshly brewed cup. It comes complete with cup, coffee scoop and a durable case. Check it out here.

what to buy your ex for fathers day

USB Nightjar, £19.95

If your Dad likes to camp then we recommend this amazing nightjar. First reason to buy this for your Dad? It has a remote control meaning if you want to turn the light out in your tent or caravan, you don’t need to get out of your cosy bed! Second reason to love it? There are customisable colour lights, a 150 hour battery life and three different lighting levels.

And as an added bonus, PowerTraveller support wildlife crime prevention organisations including the Uganda Conservation Foundation, providing rangers with portable lights and chargers to stay in communication when working. Check out the nightjar here.

best dad gifts 2021

Shrute Farms Sweater, £21.40

I think sweaters make a great gift for an ex on Fathers’ Day because who doesn’t love a new sweater? It’s not too personal, it can be funny – what’s not to like? This Fathers Day why not buy your ex a sweater from one of the indie makers on Etsy. We recently bought this sweater for Flea’s Dad. It’s inspired by The Office (US version) and one of Flea’s Dad’s favourite characters on the show, who runs a beet farm.

If your Dad is an Office fan, you can find the sweater here

amazing fathers day ideas

Ooni Pizza Oven, £249

If your Dad has a special occasion coming up or if you’re clubbing together with the family to buy a present for your Dad, maybe consider the Ooni pizza oven?

Everyone has a barbecue and they’re great for grilling meat, but what’s more fun than a pizza oven? The Ooni range are portable so can be taken to the beach or camping, but they’ll also stand on a garden surface and provide you with hot, fresh pizza for al fresco eating all summer.

Available in gas and wood models, this one will set you back under £250.

what to buy your dad

Personalised Jar of Sweets, £16

If you ask me nothing is better than buying your ex a gift that they are obliged to share with the kids – like this personalised jar of sweets from A Quarter Of.

The site lets you create personalised text and add a photo to your label, then choose what sweets you’d like inside the jar. Now all you need to do is choose between cola cubes and baby dolphins… find out more here. 

food gifts for men

Giant Gourmet Popcorn Jar, £26

If you’re wondering what to buy your ex for fathers day, what could be better than a giant jar filled with delicious popcorn, in his favourite flavours? Might I suggest that you accompany this festival of snacks from Joe & Sephs with a voucher entitling your Dad to his pick of the movies for movie night this weekend? This is the perfect gift if your Dad regularly complains that he never gets to choose what you watch on Friday nights…. get your jar here. 

Luxury British Merino Socks, from £41

what to buy your ex for fathers day

The Yorkshire Sock Company specialises in luxury, British-made socks using the finest merino and alpaca wool. We recently tried out the stripy socks with jeans and the ski socks from Yorkshire Sock Company and they’re honestly soft, comfortable and wash beautifully. Make this the year you buy the kids’ Dad socks that your ex will actually love to receive and wear, rather than yet another scratchy pair of cheap socks that don’t last.

Hydro Coffee Flask, £24.95 

If your Dad or ex loves a morning cup of coffee, this Hydro flask is a significant upgrade on your typical Dad mug.

gift ideas for young dads

The 12oz mug uses TempShield technology to keep drinks warmer for longer, with a press-on lid to prevent splashes. The steel outer is substantial enough to take out and about, while the soft-touch finish feels great to hold. Oh, and this cup has a lifetime guarantee so Dad can look forward to many years of having his morning cuppa in style. Get one here. 

luxury fathers day

Work from Home Gift Box, £86

If your ex works from home then why not look at these custom gift boxes from Boxd? I love this box designed for someone working from home – it contains a luxury planner/diary, lip balm, hand cream, a bar of chocolate and a rather lovely stainless steel insulated coffee mug. This particular set is £86 but you can mix and match a range of items to create a personalised box that contains just the things you want, which is a lovely touch. Check out the range here.

personalised gifts for men

Personalised Soundwave Art, from £7.99

If your Dad has a favourite song – perhaps the tune he danced to at his wedding, or a song that captures a special family memory – then I think it’s a really lovely idea to get a custom piece of art work that incorporates the music.  This gift could be great for your ex if there’s a special song he would associate with your child – perhaps their favourite song from their early years, or a special party?

You can buy images that have a Spotify link to a song if your Dad is into Spotify, but you can also go a bit more abstract with this personalised sound wave art from Etsy. You choose the colours, the song and the lyric and the artist does the rest. Check it out on Etsy here.

luxury gifts for men

Luxury Shaving Kit, £47

Shaving is one of those daily necessities for most men so why not make it a bit more luxe? This badger hair set includes razors, brush, soap dish and stand, with a lovely burgundy resin finish. It’s available here on Etsy. 

what to buy dad for birthday

DC Universe Inspired Cocktails, £39

I love the idea of gifts that get used, but and what could be nicer than cocktails and nibbles inspired by your ex’s favourite superhero team? This gift package is on a special offer for Fathers Day and includes cocktails and nibbles at the latest DC themed cocktail bar in London’s Soho. Get yours here.

best fathers day gifts

Ride the Fastest Zipline in the World, from £65

I love giving experience gifts rather than presents. Also I sort of love the idea of my ex hurtling through the air off a mountain.

IF you also feel this way and have an ex who has all the things he needs and is impossible to buy for, then can i suggest you give them the gift of Zipworld, so they can ride the fastest zip-line in the world? If you have older kids they can join in the fun, and little ones can take part in other activities on site. I actually bought this for a relative’s 50th birthday and they completely LOVED it. You can get a voucher just for your Ex or for them and a child for £178. Full details here

mindful chef review

A Mindful Chef Subscription, from £9 per week

Flea’s Dad loves to cook, but often doesn’t get the time to plan properly – so come Friday night, he wants to cook something special, but it’s too late to go shopping and he isn’t sure what to make. Mindful Chef is the solution – providing healthy meals with a focus on fresh, organic, sustainable ingredients and ethical packaging. If you’re stuck for what to buy your Dad this year, why not treat him to three or four meal boxes from Mindful Chef, so he can get his cook on? There are discounts available so you can get £10 off your first 2 boxes, and the subscription is super easy to stop and start any time. Get full details here.

So there you have it – 15 of our favourite gift ideas for men this Father’s Day, or birthday or just because someone in your life deserves a present! You’ll never be stuck for what to buy your ex for fathers day again!) 

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